BM - CLS600, M5, M3CSL, Skyline GTR etc

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  2. i love you and i love video google
  3. and i love my pals at best motoring
  4. ok i need english subtitles my love for all 3 just went down a little bit
  5. im sorry i have to post again, THAT RACE WAS CRAZY, that was one of the most thrilling best motoring races in a long time...I cant believe the gtr pulled it off at the end that shit was crazy #$%#k top gear, fifth gear, speedvision and any german car show BEST MOTORING OWNS
  6. I wonder why the driver of the M5 is shifting with the stick and not using the 2 pedals at the steering wheel, aren't those faster ?

    And that M3CSL is just insane at cornering, you could see it very clear in the last bend just before the straight. If that car would have the V10 of the M5..

    And abuout that end, I find it a bit strange, he just destroys that M5, which is very fast in such straight pulls, perhaps it was holding back behind the M3 ?
  7. As badass as that was, I cannot help but think that the ending was planned. The GTR was in last place the entire time and then just magically passed everyone on the final straight? Give me a break.
  8. In the time attack it showed that the Gallardo was the fastest.
  9. I really can't sit through 1 hour of this. I'd like to, but I can't.
  10. How do you save with the google video player?
  11. you cant download from video google, and for good reason, the servers probably wouldnt take it. Yeah I dont know about that GTR win at the end, perhaps it was holding back untill the very usually only really stands out in the rain when racing rwd but who knows.. the M5 drifting was kind of weird to, whatever i loved the race and the whole episode maybe i just love m3s
  12. I'm pretty sure the GTR was holding back until the end. Seriously, it has the same amount of power as the rest, its AWD, and is paperweight compared to the M5. Maybe it was just there as a camera car as it didn't seem to be pushing it till the last straight. I mean, there have been quite a few video's of the base GTR keeping up fine with 911T's.... why would the infinately better Z-Tune have problems beating a lesser Porsche? If anyone can translate for us, please do. Oh and that Gallardo looks amazing with that spoiler. Also, that was the first time I have seen Tysuchia (sp) wearing something other than his racing suit.

    Thanks for the link
  13. i just did and i will upload it to you sned it if anyone isnt able to but on the left of the screen there is a button that says "DOWNLOAD" i think that should do the trick. its kind of gay though you have to download a new player and it still streams so use if you want to.
  14. did anyone notice that the gallardo(with street tires,not track prepped)was as fast as the GT-R with semi-slicks and track suspension setup?
  15. See above posts, everyone (including myself) think the Z-Tune was really holding back. I wish I knew Japanese so i knew what they were saying, I have a feeling it was there as a camera car.
  16. The Z-Tune and the Gallardo were acting as camera cars. You can see that they were holding back all the race until the last lap. The Gallardo would finish first or second if it didn't got stuck behind the M5 and M3 at the last corner. The Z-Tune driver managed it to win on the last lap, as he should.
  17. wow you can download of
  18. i meant the time attacks.
  19. I dont think those were time attacks, i think they were just the best lap they did in the race.
  20. Yea. Going back to DTA's point though, I really don't think the GTR was pushing it till the very very end. Not the last lap, but the last straight, which would void the times as being accurate.

    Edit: Nevermind, just rewatched vid. Now I see the Time vs Attack part. Interesting indeed.
  21. BM drivers have a habit of holding back a bit IF they know their cars have a decent performance advantage. They usually do this to showcase the handling of the cars in front by acting as a camera car.

    I will PRESUMME that this is why the Lambo and GTR were staying back for now...but... whenever BM International gets released...this battle will probably be included and with English subtitles. We will then know for sure what the drivers were doing.

    I just hope some people can appreciate the performance of the GTR instead of dismissing it simply because "it was a jap car in a jap show".
  22. of all those cars there, the gtr is the most perfected. the one car that i would have for every day driving besides an M3. NISMO knows what is going on, in fact japan knows what is going on.
  23. Idont get BM w/o subtitles.
  24. Absolutely, the Z-Tune could take anything all the way to an Enzo.

    And even then it would be close.
  25. The CSL might put up a pretty good challenge to the Gallardo if the track was dry. In the Motor mag (Australian mag)performance car of the year test the CSL had a faster track time than the Gallardo. All depends on the track and weather.

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