BMW 1 Series sedan previewed

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    BMW 1 Series sedan previewed with new compact concept

    1 Series sedan, 2 Series Gran Coupe… whatever badge it will eventually wear, BMW’s new small sedan has been given its first preview in China this week.

    Known for now as the Concept Compact Sedan, the vehicle shown at Auto Guangzhou 2015 today is likely our latest look at a car long expected, and quite regularly spied in varying degrees of disguise on European roads.

    It’s also possible that, depending on which line it joins, the Compact Sedan could preview either a facelift or the next-generation front-end styling for either the 1 Series or 2 Series – if not both.

    When the Compact Sedan concept makes its way to production, it will debut as BMW’s answer to the Audi A3 sedan and the larger – but still ‘small’ – CLA.

    It is also expected that the 1 Series sedan will ride not on the current hatch’s rear-wheel drive platform, but the same ‘UKL’ front-wheel drive setup that underpins the 2 Series Active Tourer and the Mini Cooper range.

    A key aspect of the concept’s production intention can also be seen in the cabin shape: reaching further backward than usual, the Compact Sedan’s glasshouse is designed to offer greater rear space – highlighting its focus on the legroom-mad Chinese market.

    “The BMW Concept Compact Sedan reveals the potential we see in a compact sedan,” said BMW Group design boss, Adrian van Hooydonk.

    “It not only gives the driver and passengers generous amounts of space within a compact area but does so while providing the sporting ability you’d expect from BMW and an elegance otherwise only available in large BMW sedans.

    “The quality and intrinsic value of the BMW Concept Compact Sedan are clear signals of our premium intentions for the car.”

    Mechanical details have not been revealed, but if indeed the concept is front-wheel drive – which the long overhang at the front would suggest – it would likely be powered by the same turbocharged three- and four-cylinder petrol engines offered with the Mini range and other models.

    The 1 Series sedan is expected to hit global markets sometime next year, with new front-wheel drive 1 Series hatch models to follow.

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  2. not really into bmw's noses of the now, but that side profile is hottt
  3. Agreed, the nose looks like its been pinched
  5. I'm willing to forget the exterior just because of that interior
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  6. dat ass doe
  7. It's going to be too pricey with bad legroom. Then again people seem to be buying A3 sedans and CLA's, and this looks better than both of those.
  8. That looks freaking amazing. Don't care about it being fwd. Like if anyone ever goes sideways on this forum.
  9. You misunderestimate the power of my old 1987 Volvo 760. Wet roundabouts were always fun, until I overcooked it and crashed.
  10. Haha, yeah rwd is all fun and games until you crash. I prefer fwd, since you can't drive rwd in snow.
  11. Snow is just *more* fun!
  12. Correction. YOU can't drive rwd in snow. Haha
    I've never had an issue with rwd in snow
  13. Well obviously you can drive it in the snow, but it's not very safe, plus it's almost impossible to get away from standstill if there's snow and ice on the road. I always laugh at bmw and mercedes drivers when they have to get to work in the morning and they can't go anywhere and i'll just drive by ha
  14. In general, people are terrible drivers. Snow just enhances that. I grew up in an area that gets a ton of snow. So learn g to drive in it from the get go helps with snow driving ability. My 430hp genesis was great in the snow. But modulating the throttle to get moving can be touchy for inexperienced drivers for sure. But I never had a serious issue personally. And didn't notice anything worse than in any of my past fwd vehicles. Though fwd vehicles definitely climbed steep snow covered driveways better.
  15. I purposefully go out driving when it snows. Can't be scared of this shit. Just go to a car park and drive around, learning how the weight and reaction of all the controls changes etc.

    Can't be scared of snow like so many people are.
  16. I never even seen snow!
  17. Srsly?
  18. the issue with snow its not us (enthusiast who do these things and know how their car reacts), its the other drivers.
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  20. Ja

    Apparently it's cold
  21. Mate you need to go skiing or something. Snow is great!
  22. i think its a human experience that you should have

    kinda weird that its fwd but what if it drives like a gti or something?
    i doubt theyll make it into a german yaris or something yawnworthy
  23. Ughhhhhh

    It's like white poo

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