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  1. is it any good?
    there was one parked at work yesterday and was in MINT condition!

    just wondering if they are saught after cars or what
  2. id key it.. what a piece of crap.
  3. I'd key you, piece of crap. They are nice cars.
  4. They are sweet. I want one.
  5. You need to learn to detect sarcasm. Look at his name.
  6. YOU need to learn to detect sarcasm.
  7. CSL? there is one at the local bimmer dealer. i should make my way down there.
  8. i would, its a classic
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    3.0 CSi are pretty rare cars in North America, but overall really good cars if your into classic BMW. A buddy of mines just got a 3.0CS couple of months ago. Car runs great for a car of its age.

    Majority of the E9 shipped to N/A was the 2800 CS and the 3.0 CS, any CSi or the super rare CSL was shipped by the owner from what i have seen.

    Also they do tend to rust like all older BMWs, and the body panels are hard to come by, as i do believe they where hand made by Karmann

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  10. my grandad used to own a 3.0 CSi
  11. 3.0 CSL, makes me think of chrome wheel arch extentions. well, this was the 70s after all. i remember seeing a lime green one not long ago.

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