BMW 335is vs Audi S5

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ArmoMafia818, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. BMW 335is - 3.0L I6 TwinTurbo 320hp 332trq RWD Curb Weight-3571 lbs $50,150

    Audi S5 - 4.2L V8 354hp 325trq AWD Curb Weight-3935 lbs $52,700

    which one would u choose??
  2. wash the bedsheets and take an awesome nap

    less than $50k, same effect
  3. also, lol at a 3-series costing $50k
  4. I think the Audi's have been so much better looking for a wile now. Vote Audi
  5. what's a 335is? never heard of that before.

    and how is the price difference so low in america?

    the 335i is like 60k here and the s5 90k

    something is wrong
  6. dont know both goes and look good
  7. S5, the AWD would come in handy around here.
  8. I'm almost sure the Bimmer is more the drivers car (I've driven a 328i) but the Audi is the better car to sit in (at the car show). That is what choosing one is about to me. Right now, I'm ok with letting go of driving excitement a bit and relaxing into one of the best put together interiors I've seen. I think its kinda plain, but its some good quality stuff. Audi for me, maybe even the V6 one, with a DSG.
  9. Beemer = nice car but why not an M3?
    Audi = metrosexual
  10. Audi to sit in.
    BMW to drive.

    fully loaded BMW 135i for me.
  11. 335 > 135
  12. If you go with the BMW, you're a Jersey Shore dick. If you go with the Audi, you're a spoiled daddy's girl.

    For the same amount of money you could look like a hick in a Corvette (with 100+hp over the Bimmer and 100 torques over the Audi).

    Or, you could be a professional dick and get a sweet but badgy Cayman.

    Or you could be a Johnny Tran type and get a fully-loaded Infiniti G37.

    Or you could go neanderthal with any of the domestic pony cars for ~$10k less.

    Strangely, that last option seems to have become the most tasteful one nowdays.
  13. With same equipment, yes.

    With the same money? no.
  14. I take a new Ford Mustang Boss over both of them anyway.
  15. Why the hell would you pay 50K for a 1 series?
  16. 300+HP, RWD, BMW badge, fully equiped...
  17. ...or you cold go for the 3-series, since it probably drives better, and has more room for drugs.
  18. Further signs of BMWs sickness: the 335is coupe starts at $50,150. The 4 door M3 starts at $55,400. That's not enough of a stretch to make me settle for the 335is.
  19. i don't believe you, really m3s start at 55k? do they come with a steering wheel?
  20. 2011 BMW M3 Sedan MSRP: $55,400.

    Plus $875 for destination and handling and an additional $1300 for the gas-guzzler tax.

    The 335is has the same destination and handling charge, but avoids the dreaded gas-guzzler tax.
  21. here it's like 68.000 k euros which should be way over 70k $

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  22. Send me $57,575 and I'll take delivery of one for you. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  23. bmw m3 starts at 154.000 dollars here.
  24. starts at AU$158,000 which is US$160,000

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  25. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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