BMW 335is vs Audi S5

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ArmoMafia818, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. even if the car was tax free bmw's recommended list price is $124,801AU or $126,697US.

    if only we had 300 million people to soak up the cost...
  2. Its got nothing to do with market size, its purely BMW ripping Australian's off because they can. If the automotive industry in Australia was the airline industry, BMW, Mercedes and Audi would be done for price fixing. Because the germans choose to import limited numbers, they can artificially increase demand and keep the prices ridiculously high. Volvo has now started to price their cars on par with the rest of the world in Australia, and hopefully this will lead to a change in the market. (The C70 convertible, which used to cost $104,000 + onroad costs 10 years ago, has dropped to $57k with the new model.)
  3. i thought it would be even more expensive in ausieland. probably 200.000 dollars in denmark/norway.
  4. What i dont get is why the M3 coupe is $172,000 when the sedan is $158,000 in Australia. $14,000 is a bit rich to lose 2 doors. Keep in mind that these prices are before any options also, so if you add the dsg gearbox, which everyone does, be prepared to pay another $5k at least.
  5. well it seems it has everything to do with market size. they can charge what they want because there's a customer base that will always have the money to pay for it. its not like the airline industry, because the government chooses who gets the lucrative route or they simply leave the route to one or two airlines.

    i don't think the luxury car market has opened up any more in the past few years, its just the other companies are willing to drop the prices where-as before they could have got away with not doing that pre the gfc. australia has largely avoided the gfc and now maybe companies are looking to capitalise on that with more attractive pricing because other dependable markets aren't so dependable at the moment.

    in addition to your example of the c70 the new is350 is extremely competitive with its pricing too - starting at 64k for the prestige and topping out at 84k for the sports luxury.
  6. yeah i noticed the is350 also, that would have been launched as a 100k car a few years ago. That said, it is a 10 year old design, so they cant charge like the do for new models. Of the car market in Australia, only a few manufacturers charge reasonable prices. VW charge decent prices on everything bar the IOS R/GTI golfs and the Tourag. Volvo with their new pricing schemes coming in are starting to put in decent pricing, but their big seller XC60 is still pretty expensive, $85k for a one with decent kit and a diesel, nearly 100k for a T6.

    Land Rover have gone stupid with their pricing, a discovery base model is around 100k on the road, you might as well get a RR sport which is more luxurious and pretty much the same car for a couple of grand more. I also noticed Mercedes did a discount sell on their C200 CGI when they introduced it, $57k on the road (retail 75k) and $75k for a C250. So the market is getting better, but it is still largely a massive rip off.

  7. I would select Audi S5 - 4.2L V8 354hp 325trq AWD Curb Weight-3935 lbs $52,700.
  8. 335is is a 355i but with 20 extra hp, it now has 326hp. not sure if bmw has changed anything else,
    maybe a little weight have been shaved off?

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