BMW 5-series GT official pics leaked

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    In late 2007 BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer revealed plans for several all-new models including a design study called the Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS). Then, at March's Geneva Motor Show, BMW gave us the first tangible evidence of the new PAS in the form of the 5-series Gran Turismo (GT) concept vehicle. Camouflaged prototypes have been making the rounds along the streets of Munich for several months now and today we have leaked official shots of the production that's due to go sale in Europe this November and in the U.S. early next year.

    Clear differences between the production version and the concept are the smaller wheels, regular beige leather interior, rounded exhaust tips and new side mirrors.

    The body of the 5-series GT features a mix of elements from crossover, hatchback and wagon bodystyles, melding them together to create something that's relatively unique in the automotive world. While the styling may not be to everyone’s taste, BMW insists there's a market for a premium wagon with a coupe-like profile and plenty of innovative storage solutions. A take on the famous Hofmeister kink can be found at the rear of the window line, turning a very non-classical BMW profile into something more recognizable.

    At 4.99m in length, only the flagship 7-series is longer than it. This provides plenty of room inside for passengers but oddly BMW has added seating for only four. One of the vehicle’s standout features will be its new two-tiered tailgate. The design enables owners to partially open the tailgate for small packages or stretch it all the way for bigger luggage.

    BMW is yet to reveal what powertrain options will be available for the 5-series GT but expect to see most of the engines from the new 2010 5-series carry over. BMW is expected to launch the car initially with a new eight-speed automatic and six-cylinder engines and then expand the range to include an xDrive AWD option and V8 powertrains.
  2. evidently havent leaked into this thread
  3. Is this even a suprise? It looks pretty much the same as the 'concept'
  4. The ugliest car aver made, worst than GLK (it was no easy to do....)
  5. Why....?!?!?!? I love BMW, but #$%# me why?!?!?
  6. goddamnit you dipshit, POST THE #$%#ING PICTURES
  7. Lennard posted some pics. Can't you see them?

    Damn, that's bad looking.
  8. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  9. I'm afraid if they keep up this work, the next-gen 5-series will be completely ruined..
  10. Lol. BMW are continuing to lose the plot, I see?
  11. #$%# you BMW. You make me love you with a few of your awesome cars, and then you pull shit out of your arse like this. #$%# you.
  12. Ultimate.....whatever the #$%# that is?
  13. This car will be an epic failure...
  15. BMW 5-series GT official poops leaked
  16. GLK is pretty cool actually.

    this is terribible
  17. ahahah pretty cool, it's a piece of shit under so much points of view that i don't where to start
  18. I'm definitely NOT going to trade my "outdated" 5 for this crap....
  19. HAHAHAHA BMW !!!
    BMW LOL !
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    BMW wut ? LOL !

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