BMW 520d beats Prius in gas mileage

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    Readers of London's Sunday Times kept telling the auto reporters that the official mileage numbers for the Prius were overstated by about 15 imperial mpg. Intrigued, the Times decided to test things out by running a Prius against a BMW 520d with regenerative braking from London to Geneva, a 460-mile trip. Then they added 100 miles of urban running to give the Prius a chance to recover ground on its proper turf.

    The verdict: the conventional diesel with Efficient Dynamics beat the full hybrid by 2.2 imperial mpg, or 1.8 US mpg. This means that an executive sedan with all the mod-cons and 500 extra pounds beat the mollusk-shaped sip-tastic wunderkind known as the Prius. And the diesel's CO2 emissions are just 32 g/km higher than the hybrid poster-child, to boot.

    Admittedly, we find the test a bit unfair -- the Prius is not meant show its muscle at "75-mph into a headwind," and adding 100 miles of urban driving doesn't make up for 460 miles of autoroute. Reverse those driving conditions and then let's see who won. Still, for all of us diesel fans out there, it's a feather we won't mind putting in the cap.
  2. the prius gets thrashed by stuff like TDi golfs and such.
  3. Prius is a piece of shit. Whats new?
  5. Two years ago some dealerships were charging 50k for a Prius.
  6. why are they still making the prius anywhere? its such a #$%#ing eyesore

    better question, why arent they making any diesel hybrids, or at least any im aware of in the NA market
  7. i believe diesel hybrids are on their way
  9. everytime i see one i LOL at the owner. theyre all so freakin gullable
  10. Prius are still hot selling cars because so called hippies wants to save Earth. Its the best hybrid so far, but it looks ugly.
  11. wasn't the Mercedes E320 BlueTech a diesel hybrid?
  12. This reminds me of that South Park hybrid episode
  14. I still can't decide whether to laugh more at Prius owners, or at stupid yuro people who pay 35k euros for a V6 Mustang.
  15. In my opinion the Prius is merely the latest pair of shoes in this decades biggest fashion... 'Environmentalism'. The people that buy these things do so to make a statement about their views. Nothing more. Its not even a good car in any other way!

    The most amusing thing about it all is that its not even the most environmentally friendly car. The mining and refining process for the batteries is not the cleanest either. This just reinforces my opinion.

    Buy a VW Polo Bluemotion instead.
  16. I thought Bluetech was some sort of additive added to clean up diesel emissions. Not sure though.
  18. Actually the Prius is not a bad car. I think the 520d is the first to boast a better combination of space, economy, refinement, emissions, price and speed. Just about every other 'competitor' has been significantly lacking in at least one of those areas, even if it beats it in others.

    The Prius is only a bad car if you think of it as tool to save the planet, because of the pollution created by the manufacture and disposal of the batteries. Or if you're expecting something sporty - obviously the point of the Prius is comfort, which the hybrid engine is a major aid to. It's not an exceptional car in any way (like everything else Toyota produces at the moment), but it isn't at all bad either - in fact it's a competent multi-achiever.

    :edit: The 520d is actually over £9,000 more expensive than the Prius, which means that this is yet another eroneous comparison.
  19. This is old news. This was like a week ago news.
  20. The Prius is also a fairly old design. I'm not surprised other modern cars are surpassing it; the Prius is in desperate need of a major technological overhaul.
  21. It's an additive and a catalyst process, but no Bluetec-equipped vehicles so far have been hybrids as far as I am aware. There are plans for both a MB and a Chrysler Bluetec hybrid in the near future, though.
  22. prius owners = friggin retarded
  23. gold TDI? Moar room, better economy, less price, etc etc.
  24. The Golf has more room that the prius? Since when? The less price really depends on the country, in mine the prius is cheaper than the cheapest golf 1.9 tdi 105 hp, and the prius comes much better equipped.

    The TDi is more economic, but that is also to be expected. One has a diesel engine, the other has a gasoline engine.
  25. What he said. :p

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