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  1. BMW is nohing compered to Vectors


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    Yeah the BMW looks so much better and its probly a lot more relaible too.
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    Whats your problem?
    Its like saying a Ferrari is better than walking!!!!!

    Comparing a half million dollar car to a 15 thousand dollar car very bright.

    Is there a BMW clan???
    if so email me for info... [email protected]
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    I am not really into muscle cars like these, but this car is GREAT. Its rare, powerful, and it was great in the movie "Gone in 60 seconds"<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Riiiiight.... an F-14 tomcat is also better than a cessna.
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    stupid to say stuff like that. Compare cars in the same league for a starter!
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    vectors suck ass! they look like shit too. go back to the farm....
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    vector is nothing compared to bmw's f1 car u #$%#ing #%$get.there bmw mpowered mclaren car either
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    Holy bollocks, what a tit.
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    Ignoring this thread would be wise...
  12. ur kinda far from us but i know theres 2 good ones in ATL check out bimmer-riders,com

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