BMW CS1 vs. Miata vs. MR2

Discussion in '2002 BMW CS1 Concept' started by payton101ca, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This maybe just a concept but I think if in production, its competition would be the Miata or the MR2. Say if they were to produce it, would you go for it over the other two? <!-- Signature -->
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    No question!!! The MR-S (I think the MR2 is the coupe and the MR-S is the convertible, which would be the competition, not the coupe) is a much better car than this crap. I don't like BMW's period, but I have to admit that the other ones are so much better than this excuse of a car.<!-- Signature -->
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    Id go MR2 or S or whatever. How many midengines do you see on the road? It would be cool to have something different. I am currently keeping an eye out for a 2nd gen MR2 turbo to make a project car. I wanna leave it stock on the outside so as to be anti-ricer, and just get the engine to about 320 HP.

    But I digress, this car is pretty cool, the styling is edgy, but I like it compared to other concepts out there.<!-- Signature -->
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    If this cars goes into production and keeps the same specs and same fugly body shell, I will go for anything else other than this!!!
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    The ultimate BMW will rule this 2 cars !

    Air is free,get some!
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    Both of the other two cars have more power, but less gagets, so I would be surprised, unless this car is very light, to see it beat the other two in performance. Of couse, typical BMW handling would rock.<!-- Signature -->
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    this thing may not have much power but beleive me its not gonna be slow!

    P.S. this is the new 1 series
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    Well i dont know much about this cars performance, but i have to say i would perfet this over any Miata and MR2, this car looks good
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    Shut up!
    BMW CS1 vs. Miata vs. MR2

    The Mazda Miata is an ok car and for looks it does rate high. Meanwhile, the MR2 has looks that are really nice. It almost loks like the Porsche Carrera GT. Now the CS1, the nice glow of the lights give it nice looks, also mixed with the gold paint. Another awsome feature about this car is its seats. These seats look like chairs which may seem weird but they actually blend nicely with the whole car. Now, 115 hp for the CS1. What was BMW thinking. I would go with the Miata for power wise. The MR2 would come second with 138 hp. And last would be the CS1.
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    ya the new mr2 turbo wuld b really nice! but how can a turbo boost the car 200 hp? is that possible? i would love 2 see that turbo goin down a straightaway cuz mr2's arent slow they r weightless lol. the weight would probably make the turbo thats a nice speed <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Yeah right. MR2s are a joke. I beat the non-turbo ones in my 115 hp Jetta. I would take the BMW anyday over the Miata and MR2. Any BMW is better than those pieces of shit. The quality and build of the BMW is far more superior.
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    Oh...and the BMW has traction control.
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