BMW E46 M3 vs THIS!!!

Discussion in '2002 Honda NSX Coupe' started by Marky678, Oct 6, 2002.

  1. Which one is better and faster????
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    The NSX has better acceleration, top speed, better handling, better ride comfort. But the M3 is cheaper and and sit more people.
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    tough call. I think it would be pretty even. If I had to choose I would say the BMW only because I feel that the M3 has a better braking system.
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    I think M3 has better acceleration isnt it???
    M3=0-60 5.0 second
    NSX=0-60 5.7 second

    and which car u guys think is better???
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    No, NSX is 4.8 secs.
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    S2k. hahaha... lol
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    what u laughing at??
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    because at those prices, I'd rather have a S2k.
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    Oh, BTW, I got a vid of S2000 doing 14.029 1/4mile....
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    I'd take the M3 anyday. Much more more bang for buck compared to the overpriced NSX
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    I'm not kidding man. Just read EVO.
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    i'm not talking about the NSX-R.
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    Says who?
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    im not sure a both are realy nice cars and i wouldb happy with bothalthough u do get more style in a bmw. funny thensx seems rarer cos i have only ever seen 1
    hey thats my opinon
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    Just about any source that gives the acceleration times for the NSX (actually most of them say 4.9, some say 4.8, but 5.7 is ridiculous, only a fool would think that)
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    If i was to choose a car it would have to be the NSX if u disregard the price the NSX is a better car all round.
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    The price is the only problem about this car
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    What? The price is a bargain. You don't know anything. This car is literally a "steal" at that price.
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    The BMW is the Bang for Bucks.
    The NSX is the exotic supercar.
    acceleration times are the same, but I think the NSX-R would smoke the M3 around a track. If anyone has ever seen the M3 lap times on par with the V12 Murcielago then tell me because the NSX-R has done so on numerous occasions. If the M3 can keep up with the F360 then its on its way.

    by the way, 5.7 secs is the standard NSX. The NSX-R posts a 4.7. When you talk about Supras no one really mentions the non-turbo version now do they.

    Personally I admire both, but I'd rate the NSX-R higher.
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    Dont forget that the M3's engine is made of cast iron. Heavier but inexpensive. I think they saved alot of product costs because of that.

    I dont think the NSX is that overprived. For the price of the NSX you also get another supercar, the Porsche Carrera 4S. Best Mototing did an on track comparison and the NSX-R is leagues ahead of the Carrera. You'd have to pay an extra 1/3 of the NSX-R to get the 911 turbo to better that kind of performance.
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    accleration? Ok a 95,000 NSX goes 0-60 in 5.5 seconds is it? A stock M3 does it in 4.6 and hell no does it ride better.
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    NSX do 0-60 between 4.7 - 5.0 sec. the best i heard from NSX-R is 4.4sec...
    and man did u guys ever heard of hand build.......
    u ever wonder why ferrari cost soo much.....human cost way more then machine that's why.........
    car company won't charge u that much for no reason....
    o and i pick the NSX because to many people in here dirve M3....(5 in MY school).. and also NSX is faster....way faster on race track.

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