BMW Has totally lost it.

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  1. I don't know what you may think about this car, I like it, it's nice. And since i consider a huge fan of bmw i guess i have to say that in this one model BMW has completely lost the plot of their base line.<!-- Signature -->
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    man i think you lost it
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from krazie bone</i>
    <b>man i think you lost it
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    yep...gonna' have to agree with krazie bone on this one.<!-- Signature -->
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    WTF are you talking about? whould you like to expand on why you thik they lost it?
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    Lost it, hmm? Interesting, considering the fact that the Z4 isn't going to be a hugely ground-breaking car. The 3.0i is using pretty much the same powerplant as the Z3 3.0i, but the Z4 now uses the 3-series chassis rather than the dodgy thing the Z3 uses. I see the Z4 as an improvement of a good idea. Sure, the Z3 didn't quite come off, but this is one step closer. I'd like to see the Z8 chassis come into play here...that would make things interesting.
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    doesn't matter who lost it:BMW or the guy.
    what matters is :it's a gr8 lookin car
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    it really isnt that bad i mean look at it its not that much far off from the first z3, the only thing i can really say is that it does kind of look like the s2000
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    I think you ment that BMW has lost their touch. The new 7 series looks like ass, now this? Ugh, man hate to this happen. Plus look at their line up for 2004/2005....gets even uglier(check out lastest Road & Track).

    Bottom line, the designer for this car went way too far. Why do cars now-a-days look so bad?

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    The more I look at it the more I accept its look, but there are areas, like the rear and the doors/front fenders that i wish looked different.
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    i dont like the new line of bimers. they are too plain. and bmw should be ashamed of making such cars including the z1 concept. they used to be elegant once upon a time. anyhow M5 and M3 SMG ROCK ON!!!
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    i Totally agree man! u r readin my mind
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    u r a dumb person. y'd does some one have to come and spoil the show by abusing?
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    he asked him too expand on a quote that was nearly unreadable. oh and bmw hasn't lost a thing.
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    I think the Z4 is the next logical step in the improvement of BMW's small sports convertible. Looks aren't everything; I'm more interested in what lies beneath the Z4's shell, but in my opinion the styling is quite tasteful. The 7-series though...understandable, its styling has been controversial no matter where you look...not bad though in my opinion, the interior and features make up for the "different" exterior styling. Which car in the Z4's league would you say is better looking? And before you say "the S2000", I've picked better looking things out of my nose.
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    Totally agree with you Ashenshadow. I think the new Z4 is of a much better design the Z3, I don't know what some people are looking at. If anything bmw has moved up, not lost it.

    Sure the Z06 can beat the M3 , in drag racing it can. Then again when it comes to handling, luxury, ride comfort and interior styling and design, the cheap plastic interior of the Z06 doesn't stand a chance.
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    Kinda depends on how u look at in. If you don't like how the design of up coming BMW's are, yes then indeed they've lost it. But if you like the design, no. IMO the first time i saw the new 7 series. i said the samething. but i am sure that if you look at this car up close and personal you will like it.
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    ok i like bmw's BUT WTF this piece of shit looks nice but it BARELY goes 128. i bet a cadellaic deville goes faster. I would ride this car but not even dare go in a police chase
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    hell yes. i think this is much better then the Z3. i don't like the Z3 that much. but this look is much, much better. this is the way to go for BMW.
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    What are u guys talking about. The Z4 is governed at 155mph. 0-60 is 5.9 secs in the 6-speed 3.0i and 6.0 in the 5-speed StepTronic Auto. For more Z4 information go to (under Future Bmws, News or Z Series)
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    The Z4 looks a lot sportier then the Z3. Lets just say I want to make sweet man-car love to the Z4. Um, nevermind.

    At least they don't have the Z4 Coupe like the Z3 which looked like utter Shite.

    Unrelated: If they made a ///M Powered Z4... *dies*

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    m5 and m3 rules
    m-coupe is sweet performance (looks is debatable really, i don't like it but meh)
    z8 is sweeeeeeeeet
    x5 is the best suv there is
    3 and 5-series all very nice sedans and sport sedans


    z3, z4...ew?
    1-series concept? too plain
    7-series....price and ewwwww?

    hope bmw will quickly get back on track and continue making great cars like m3 and m5 there
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    i don't like the M3 OR the M5 and i am not the biggest fan of BMWs either. But man the Z4 is chaingin my outlook. well, That and the X5 that is such a tite name and it looks cool. the Z3 just looks gay or i see way too much of them. the Z4 is a significant improvment.
  23. Re:
    BMW Has totally lost it.

    wat are you on, crack?
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    WTF is wrong with you, BMW?
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    Only 128 mph?? Who is really gonna try to go 128 mph in a car like this?? You don't dragrace these, or at least you shouldn't, and who will ever crack 100 in one, except over in Europe on the autobahn? Here in the U.S., I will take this car anyday, who cares if it "only" goes 128, or 155, or whatever???

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