BMW Has totally lost it.

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    EXACTLY! who in the right mind would go in a race against anybody in this car. it's not the fastest thing built on the road. a subaru WRX is much faster then this and it only costs 25k. This is a car made for luxory.
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    I don't get how you guys can hate this car, and yet no one seems to talk about the design direction that Ferrari is taking. I mean, the 360 is higher than the 355, and looks worse with its weird Godfather-like jowls.

    I like the Z4, if only cause Clive Owen does a great job with it in the new BMWfilm (which is available now, BTW, at
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    I ahve always found bmw's to be overrated and generally god-like by those who either own or have owned one, but i suddenly realize that the reason they do receive such proclaim is becaus ethey are willing to put their neck out on the line to bring in variation to a dying species. the small sports car segment is now comprised of cars taht look and feel the same...(boxster,s2000,z3,mr2) although they do not have teh exact same look to them, you cannot deny the feeling that oen is connected with each other, but this design sets bmw apart from the rest, although I am iffy on the side lines, i definitely love the direction of the new BMW's
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    i love them too,and i can tell u for sure that BMW hasn't lost it at all.
    it's a wonderful car
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    i give credit the M3 and the M5.
    the Z8 is, well super.
    the Z4 looks nice, but come on, add more power!
    and no offense, but the X5 is nothing more than a rip of, from Land Rover. they had to make a special arrangement with ford. ford allows them to keep the x5, as long as ford can use the bmw 4.4L enginge.
    but the z4 is far better than the z3
    all i'm saying is that 300hp would have made this car a sure winner
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    I really wish BMW would come out with a car that doesn't look like it was designed for a woman. Give the car some meat, put some more rubber on the ground and turn up the power. Perhaps BMW should look at the Aston Martin Vanquish, or the Dodge Viper. Let's get cookin'!
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    at the rate their going, they might need to look up on Jaguar.
    however, i'm glad BMW is planning on putting turbos in their cars in the near future. They need it, to compete with the ever growing comeptition. 2003-2006 are going to be great years for new cars.
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    Gimme ANY BMW and ill be happy....especially if its the M3, M5, Z8, heck..ill take any!=)
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    Granted, the Z4 is made for a particular market. The Z3 ended out as an accidental chick's car, and BMW tried to remedy this but unfortunately the reputation stuck. The Z4 is an improvement though. Funny how you should mention turning up the power; the new M5 will have a 5.0 litre V10, and I find it hard to believe the next M3 will use the same engine as it does at the moment, so in my mind an upgrade is almost inevitable. Tha Vanquish is an interesting example, since it's not overly powerful in itself; the new M5 should take up the challenge. And as far as the Viper is concerned...never been a Viper fan myself, due to Dodge's apparent addiction to Neanderthal-like engineering, but the power figures would be nice...let's just hope BMW can avoid the crap build quality.
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    I think it should have a couple minor changes...
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    Looks better than the z3... man THAT was the mistake, this is the correction.
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    got that right!
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    I think the new 7,CS1, and now Z4 are all good things coming out of a good company. I think if the stay in this realm, add a little of the old look [toss in abit of m5/3 then it will look even better]. BMW ALL THE WAY!!!!!
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    some people dont understand, now the M3 engine can fit in this car. more space, speed and fun. I ride next to one every morning w/ my M3 on the freeway. the Z4 is Faster than many people think. that thing has power all the way to red-line it really is nice, if i had more money i would buy one.

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    Nice change from the Z3
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    Naah, I disagree. The bodyline would be too simple with those changes. I like it as it is now.
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    i like it 2
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    i have to agree aswell, its strange when you first see it but its not so bad after a while. and obviously alot better than the (apparently) crappy z3. how could a bmw possibly look like a honda. similar cars are the z4 and the s2000, but they look absolutely nothing alike. still that would make for a good magazine comparison read.
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    BMW didnt lose anything... they just gained anouther supercar!!!
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    bee-atch! watch yo mouth before you wind up flat on yo' biz-at, and ya' land it like a punk ass piz-at fool! bmw suck shit nigga' bee-atch!
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    here is the bottom line, bmw has managed to keep a certain style for over 40 years, i mean look at a bmw from the 70's and tell that it doesnt resemble any of the 2000 sedans... but with this car bmw has lost its so particular style, for gods sake it looks like a crappy honda s2000!!! all im saying is that they could have done a better job on keeping the style that has worked for them over the years rather than go with the flow...
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    this car is nice as hell what u smoking?
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    just cause its not that fast, doesnt mean its not good looking... i think carzy bone is right, u have lost it, this is a really nice car! i hope u have seen gone in 60 seconds... but elanor is an amazing car... 1967 shebly, so sweet
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    To all the people who bash the styling of the new BMW's, the only thing I say to you is that it takes a certain type of person to appreciate these cars for what they are. If you can not, don't bother opening your yap in a BMW forum.
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    Yes BMW has changed the total look of there BMW style. Maybe for good, maybe for better. I thought this car was the most ulgy thing I have ever seen in my entire life, untill my dad got one. Holy crap. This car is very fast, now I know it could never compare to like a Z06 but I mean from BWM this is a very well planned out car. This car is fast like corvet and handles like a Ferrari. The only thing I don't like about the car is they could of made a little more head room, but other wise the car is great. And for all thoes people compaining about how BMW has lost it. Yes the car looks different and may make you not like it. But go and test drive one or get up close to one, and I bet your opinion will change. If you judge this car by how it looks then you will never fully appreciate this great new car.

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