BMW Has totally lost it.

Discussion in '2003 BMW Z4 3.0i' started by 24HeuresDuMans, Aug 9, 2002.

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    same here

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    BMW Has totally lost it.

    you cant deny that this is definitely a step forward from the Z3
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    "here is the bottom line, bmw has managed to keep a certain style for over 40 years, i mean look at a bmw from the 70's and tell that it doesnt resemble any of the 2000 sedans..."

    And what about the Isetta, the BMW 600, and teh tiny BMW 700? Or do people forget that those existed? THEY certainly don't look anything like your favorites...

    ANd Bangle also designed a lot of your newer BMW favorites, including the last few generations of M3 and M5... He's been at BMW since '92!

    Some of the things people complain about in the new 5 series have been present since the e30 M3...
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    i want your name
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    credit to those like Ashenshadow. They post reasonable ideas, thoughts, and facts, and don't diss people for stupid reasons. i am not saying this because i agree with him about this particular car, but i say this because there are people on this site that do the exact opposite!

    now to the car: it beats the s2000 on a track. that's a step in the right direction. it looks nicer than the z3. it also performs, handles, and gives a better impression than the z3 or the s2000. all these are steps in the right direction for BMW, and i think they make up for things like the 7 series. go to your BMW dealer and check it out. you won't regret it!

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