BMW M Package for non-M cars?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by disord3r, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. My manager at work recently upgraded his 5-series (530i I think) to a newer 3-series. But it looks SOOOOOOO much better than any other 3 I've seen.

    It's a 330i, is a four-door, and has a manual transmission. I has M wheels, an M steering wheel and M shift knob, but no external M badging. He said it was some kind of M package, which I've never heard of (apart from the M3, of course), and I also don't recall ever seeing a 4-door with a manual transmission, either.

    I have to say, it's pretty damn sweet. What's the skinny on this? Does this have the same engine as the M3?
  2. Nope, you can order M trim on quite a few cars, and some even will have M badges on the outside.

    One of my dad's doc friends came over for business and I walked passed the office window and saw a white E39 M5 and immediately went outside to gawk. He came out and told me he wishes it had the guts of the M5 as well, but it was just the wheels & skirts and everything else that came on the original M. Still looked pretty.
  3. I think that sort-of-M-spec means it's got a sportier suspension setup and different seats as well as the blingy bits you mentioned.
  4. ^Yup. Your manager probably has the front aerolip that looks 10012371209812x better than the normal non-sport bumpers.
  5. The m branded package has been on many bmw cars over the years. Like the E36 318i, its called a 318iS for example. A friend of mine had a E46 318 with M bodykit, carbon fibre trim inside, quite nice really
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    It does. It's essentially this car with CSL wheels.

    ZHP is the package, I guess (after reading some more on the web about it)
  7. surely it doesn't look better than any of the coupes given its total failure of a rear end?
  8. I actually drove a black 330i 4dr manual right after they came out when I worked at a car wash
  9. one of my favorite 3ers... pretty much perfect in every sense
  10. we're talking about the E46 here
  11. how did you get that from the original post? i know he said newer not new, but i automatically assumed that.

    i like the 46, especially with CSL wheels
  12. I think it's a 2004. Like I said, it's pretty much the car in the pic, but with CSL wheels.
  13. I personally don't like the idea, I think that the 'M' should only really be mentioned on the full works M cars. If you do it this way with M packages and what not, to me it cheapens the feel of the real M cars.

  14. i don't mind if the m package is different from the kit on the m car. i didn't like it when everyone was driving around in E36 316s kitted out to look just like the M3.
  15. It'll still get trounced by a proper M, so I don't see the harm.
  16. Actually we had a 330i before that came with a sports package that was similar. Basically it meant having stiffer/slightly lower suspension, bodykit, much tighter steering and a three pronged steering wheel. I miss that car.
  17. That's hella lame. I thought all those "fake" M cars were all just #%$-tards who did that themselves... I never knew that BMW did it themselves at the factory. -1000 for them.
  18. I see absolutely nothing wrong with a BMW 335i with an M package.

    I would almooooooooost prefer that over an M3 to be honest.

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