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  2. They should make a roadgoing version of this.
    Would be a great CLK Black series competitor <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  3. from the b pillar back, it reminds me of an Aston
  4. This really does look amazing
  5. A road going version of this would really make a good competitor for the porsche 911 gt3Rs as well as the Ferrari F430 Scuderia
  6. Just adore the front of it.
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    BMW used their brains this time and homologated the car from the standard M3, unlike last time when they built a race car homologated from nothing...

    However, Bobby Rahal did have a modified road car at Sebring last week during testing. It's got some carbon fiber bits, blacked out trim, the side exhaust ala the GT2 car, and some mean looking black HREs. Definitely looks nice!

    Also, here's a vid from the ALMS winter test this past week featuring all of the cars on track. There's plenty of the new BMW in it!

    As for the test, the car wasn't all that fast most of the weekend, but was very reliable. Here are the best times for each GT2 car that took to the track at the test over the 7 test sessions:

    1. Porsche (45) 2:01.866 (session 4)
    2. Porsche (87) 2:02.082 (session 4)
    3. Panoz (21) 2:02.470 (session 5)
    4. Porsche (44) 2:02.720 (session 4)
    5. Porsche (46) 2:02.796 (session 4)
    6. Porsche (5) 2:02.892 (session 5)
    7. Corvette (28) 2:03.550 (session 4)
    8. BMW (92) 2:03.654 (session 4)
    9. Ford (40) 2:04.085 (session 7)
    10. Viper (11) 2:04.793 (session 6)
  9. This makes me aprciate the e92 more.
  10. This car looks so mean.
  11. Amazing cars, with tire development this thing will be a beast. A roadgoing version though... I would love to see a direct injection 460 hp M3 CSL. Pity
  12. Yea, I think it's ability to be successful will really come down to how serious Dunlop is about developing their tires. Right now no one out there is even close to Michelin and anyone not running on the French rubber is at a major disadvantage. Dunlop is the "best of the rest", but they're still a large step behind Michelin. If Dunlop really gets serious about developing their tires, perhaps they now have a car/team to take on the best of the Michelin runners.
  13. I'm hoping so, although I'm also rooting for the Acura ARX-02a guys, conflict of interest? XD
  14. Not at all. I root for someone in every class, and the BMW technically isn't really even racing against the Acura. They're on track at the same time, but they're involved in totally different races.

    I dunno where my allegiance will fall in GT2 when Corvette shows up though. I'm a die hard Corvette guy and a Flying Lizard guy, so who do I cheer for?
  15. Beautiful.
  16. I want one now, Im only 1 winning lottery ticket away.
  17. Corvette
  18. the wide body kit looks good they should do this to more m3s
  19. No you're not. BMW won't sell you one no matter how much money you have...

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