BMW M3 vs Jaguar XR

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    It doesn't matter if it has more HP and torque, it doesn't accelerate as quickly. Top speed kinda matters, but thats all it beats its at as far as performance goes. The Beemer beats it in accelerating and turning. And you it didn't beat it in braking either, you didn't even specify braking numbers for the BMW.

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    To the best of your recollection eh? I'm definetly gonna need some numbers. The Jag it only has a higher top speed, how is it better? Whether or not it produces more horsepower it doesn't accelerate better.

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    maybe it doesn't accelerate better because the X-Type is a bigger and heavier car, with 4 wheel drive?
    and i already gave you numbers.
    higher top speed, hp, torque, compression, what else you want?

    the only reason why bmw has a faster 0-60 it's cause it's smaller and lighter. bmw has a longer wheel base, which helped in this as well in the car design and turning.
    that's why the 2003 XJ will have an extended wheel base design, with a lighter car to answer these complaints. the project will phase through the entire line-up.
    the 325 acceleration varies greatly. a report has it going even at 8.1, which in fact is even slower than the jaguar. most reviews have th bmw going .1 to .7 faster in the 0-60.
    with the jaguar beating the bmw in the 1/4 mile.
    surprisingly enough, i just read a match up between the xkr and the m3.
    to my surprise, the xkr beats the m3 going 0-40. then the bmw catches up, and edges out the 0-60. 0-80 belongs to the bmw, beyond that jaguar catches up. interesting, you should read some info in that, you might learn a thing or to.
    in other note, bmw is now trying to compete with the X-Type with the future 1 series. X-Type surprising took the European market by surprise with its 2.0; mondeo partner, starting at a price under 20k.
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    Well thats great. This isn't a comparision between the 325i and the X-type, either way the BMW is better. We'll have to wait and see with the X-type R. If its anything like current or past Jaguars BMW doesn't have to worry. Maybe with luxury it will be better, but definetly not performance.

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    i take it that you gave up...
    and if you dont read any press releases from the car companies, you better know that bmw is cringing right now.
    they're so desperate to compete with jaguar they're making a 4 cylinder.. had to redo the 7 series just to match up with the S-Type.
    have to redo the 3 series in 2006, to match the X-Type.
    that's reality.
    then comes Jaguar, with the final blow, a redesigned XJ
    with 3.0, 3.4 and 4.2 engines... all with supercharged options, a full alimunim chassis, option of AWD or RWD, luxury second to none, improve upon handling, which car and driver stated in the 2001 X-Type, "on the verge of handling superiority in its class.", reducing 500 lbs of car weight, increase the wheelbase by 2 inches.
    IN a full size sedan that did 0-60 in 5.3 wil have numbers at least .5 to .7 seconds faster in 0-60 time.
    Which in otherwords destoryed BMW in its large sedan category.
    but don't worry, it wont be long to see them.
    and oh yeah, what you think of that Mustang, i think it's called Terminator or the GT40?, i bet you're going to say that stinks too.
    jaguar doesn't produce their true performance vehicles stock.
    you're right. that's why they make and buy companies to do that for them, for those who want more performance.
    Jaguar engines are always known for it's power, especially through retuning.
    if you take a standard 2.5, 3.0 engine of both companies, and look at the engine stats, you'll notice Jaguar is better.
    Jaguar doesn't have a 3.2, but it has a 3.4.
    Oh did i forget to mention that 3.4 is V8?
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    september 26...
    Paris Auto Show
    multitude of industry first
    the world shall see, the future of Jaguar...
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    Well thats great. Being a BMW fan, I'm not at all worried that Jaguar is gonna take BMW's market, because its owned and run bu Ford people.

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    We're all awaiting the day the X type R is put into a comparison vs. the M3.
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    the new xj, and along side it, the new Arden Lightweight RS...
    can we say BMW got overkilled?
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    No, we can't, because we don't know the exact performance on either.

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    then you dont know anything about cars do you
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    Yeah I do, you don't. You can't give any performance numbers, so you can't say that BMW got beaten at all.

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    dude are you retarded? the regular Arden beats the BMW M3, nearly beats the M3 CSL 0-60, .15 seconds off.
    4.6 manual, 4.8 auto btw is the 2002 XKA stats.
    a stock XKR beats the M3 in a 1/4 mile, and 0-40 and 0-120, and 0-150.
    arden beats the BMW M3, and probably the CSL in 0-170 as well....
    well simply cause BMWs can't go that fast.
    the Arden kills the M3.

    S-Type R stats are easily matched with the M5, and it clearly is shown in previous posts, the S-R is better than the M5 in terms of performance and price.
    the 7 series, does not even compete with the 2002 XJ.
    nor will the 7 series ever compete with the XJ.

    now, since the 2002 models are already beating most of its BMW counterparts...
    what in the world do you think will happen when they become 500 lbs lighting for the XJ, 800lbs lighter in the XK, and with a stronger engine?
    now the M3 CSL overkill:
    Arden is improving from a previoue 468hp crusing engine in a 4.4L, to a vastly stronger 4.6 racing engine...
    HP and torque already belonged to Jaguar.
    with weight now comparing to the BMW, with Gs, already at .28, and to be improved, a longer wheel base, improving turning by over 5 feet.
    It's just the matter of knowing the stats of a 2002, and knowing the improvements that are done. Since the 2002 models are already beating the BMW it's should be that hard...
    as i said, there is no competition to the M3 yet with the X-Type.
    m3 offers awesome pure power. with a nice mid-range vehicle.
    they're an awesome car, but i'm informing you through your apparent ignorance Jaguars do beat BMWs.
    and please, don't make me have to start making the list of Fords that can kill an M3.
    Here's a question for you....
    and that's why i'm posting about the new Arden...
    BMW is going to produce the CSL, one EUropean car publisher said.
    why do you think, Jaguar decided to go lightweight as well in the XK, by funding Arden to make it?
    it's a BMW lightweight vs a Jaguar/Arden lightweight.
    a lightweight 4.6L V8 with most definetly 470+ hp, and probably 500+hp, with a F-1 transmission....
    that's overkill...
    if it's not an overkill to the M3 CSL i dont know what is.
    the M3 CSL is the lightweight project for BMW.
    The XK RS is the lightweight project for Jaguar/Arden.

    and we're talking about possible talking low 4 seconds or better in the XK.
    It's called using your head dude, and common sense.
    but yet again, just by saying Ford stinks prove you don't have a head to start with.
    and yes, the RS is street legal and will be coming to the US the following year of production. Expect a price tag also similar to the CSL.
    our of curisousity, dows BMW have a stock car going 0-60 in 3.1 seconds and reaches over 200 mph? and no McLaren doesn't count.
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    And the M3 Strassenversion rapes the XKA. We'll just have to wait and see if the X type R is actually faster, you spouting out random crap that I'm not even gonna bother to read won't make a difference. Even if it does beat the stock M3, BMW lovers could still go out and buy 2 versions of the M3 that are faster. So why don't we just wait and see.

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    wait to see what?
    M3 Strassenversion ?
    you are an idiot...
    you just made my day by saying the most idiotic thing on
    the XKA destroys it you retard...
    let's compare.
    even the stock XKR-R rips it up!
    if you wanted to match pure 4.0 V8 vs 4.0 V8.

    02 M3 Strassenversion : $229,000
    02 XKA: $140,000

    right there, the Jaguar is $89,000 cheaper...
    now let's look at performance.

    m3: 450 hp
    4.0L V8
    xk: 468 hp.
    4.4L V8

    m3: 0-60 in 4.7 seconds
    XK: 0.60 in 4.6 seconds (F-1 automatic tranmission used for test)...
    with stock jaguar tranny gives 0-60 in 4.8,
    to find out with a true manual, we'll have to wait and see.

    the XKA RS is lighter and more powerful, therefore the RS will rape the Strassenversion you retard!

    you're right, you can get two jaguars at the same price as the Strassenversion, and both are faster!
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    Where did you get the information that it does 0-60 in 4.7 seconds? The Strassen version does it below 4. None of your facts are ever right, how can I possibly believe a word you say?

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    the M3 Hammon does 0-60 in 4.9
    Hamann E39 6.1 V12 does it in 4.6
    the canceled GTR which was cut from GT racing in 2002 because it didn't follow rules, (too light, air restriction 22% off from regulation) had a nice 3.3 out of a 4.0 V8 with 444 hp.
    but the Strassem is no where near that. it's little bit lighter than a regular m3. and i got 4.7 from the forum discussion
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    Re: BMW M3 vs Jaguar XR

    ford, jaguar stinks?
    how about Jaguar taking the BMW market in reliability and durability
    let's look at 2002 JD power stats....
    Jaguar 3rd.... Lincoln 4th.
    jaguar did lose it's second place spot, mainly cause of the higher production numbers of the X-Type... and we all know they're not the best cars of the world.
    if BMW is so great... then how come two ford companies are considered more reliable? maybe because BMW stinks?
    now performance they're good, especially the L6s... but some of those 8 cylinder cars are coming out horrible,and dont take my word for it, the numbers show.

    Nameplate Rankings Reported Problems Per 100 Vehicles
    1. Lexus 173
    2. Infiniti 219
    3. Jaguar 250
    4. Lincoln 253
    5. Acura 255
    6. Honda 278
    7. Toyota 278
    8. Cadillac 285
    9. Porsche 292
    10. Mercedes-Benz 296

    hey look people, even Lincolns are better than BMWs!!!!
    well, ok maybe BMW are better as used cars.

    "Jaguar won top spot among luxury marques. It's second time in the last three years that Jaguar's program placed first in the upscale category. "



    again: Ford: Jaguar and Lincoln in Top 5 in luxury, and Ford and Mercury in top 5 in non-luxury....
    BMW? no where to be seen

    maybe, just maybe BMW isn't as grand a car you might have think of it, when compared to a modern day Jag?

    maybe BMW should decide to shape up, before its left without a market
    and maybe you should stop thinking Ford makes bad cars, cause the number show, that BMW makes a lot more bad cars.
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    hopefully this will come out...
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    No, the car is much faster than that. The regular M3 can do the 0-60 in just 4.6 seconds. Now the Strassenversion has 120 more horse power and is much lighter. All of your information is flawed.

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    Re: BMW M3 vs Jaguar XR

    car and driver had it at 4.9
    a regular m3 doesn't do 4.6 dude, its more like 4.8 at best
    on, it showed a modified M3 going 4.7
    thats not a stock m3, because it has 10 hp more than the stock
    so 4.6 is absoletly wrong, maybe you should double check your information, maybe the stressanversion is 4.6, yes the strass has more HP, and i beleive around 500 lbs lighter.. and history shows that in BMWs, more HP doesn't mean faster 0-60. e.g. 8 cylinders are slower than the 6, is such an example (excluding racing cars, of course) so it is more likely that the 100hp increase, and the sligher weight reduction added .2 seconds in 0-60 time.
    says it's 4.8..
    bmwusa says its 4.8
    i think maybe you're flawed, yet again
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    In the 2001 August issue of Motor Trend, the M3 competed against the Z06 and the Boxster. 0-60 on the M3 you ask? 4.65 seconds. You sure do know your car stuff. The Strassenversion does it in under 4.

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    Re: BMW M3 vs Jaguar XR

    isn't it funny that BMW is selling their car as .2 seconds slower
    base on your claims
    shows the 343HP M3, going 4.7
    thats the best time i found for the M3, if you can send me a link, that'd be nice...
    cuase i haven't seen anything at motortrend about what you're talkign abou
    motortrend showed the convertible M3 going 5.08 seconds 0-60.
    here it says 5.5 seconds$BMW@$E46%20M3%20Convertible.html
    can the m3, go 0-60 in 4.6, i'm sure it can, just like the Jaguar stock XKR can go 0-60 in 5.1, and the XKA in 4.4
    official stat of the M3 shows 4.8
    like it or not, but that's what i'm going by.
    btw the Strassenversion has a 4.0 V8, not a true M3 in my books (L6 is a true m3 car) since it's a racing car, then i can match it with a Jaguar racing car, also in the 200,000 range...
    and tha's the XKR trans am...
    and thats one BMW easily raped and cut to shreds...
    how about 2002 LeMans to prove it....
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    No, it isn't funny that BMW is saying its slower than it really is. If they gave the fastest time possible for the car, then nobody would be able to do it. Thats what every single car company on the planet does, they give you a number that is easily attainable.

    I know you'll go by the number you choose, you always choose ignorance over facts.

    Is this XKR Trans AM a production vehicle? Or a racing vehicle? And the M3 never raced in that circuit, they raced in ALMS, so we can never know if one was faster than the other.

    So you don't think that the Strassenversion is an M3 because it has a V-8? Thats great, its called the "M3" Strassenversion, its an M3.

    The link you gave was for a cabriolet, any idiot knows that they aren't as fast.

    It'll be funny when these Jags come out, and they are all automatic.

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    they are more than 1 XKR Trans Am, number is at least past 5, and Jaguar agreed to expand the program to pass the 100 manufaturing and to have the RS over 500 made.
    comparing prices, the Jaguar beats the BMW at a cheaper price, yet again
    4 M3 GTR s raced in the 2002 ALMS Le Mans
    M3 Strass is a racing vehicle, which is produced.
    similar to the XJ220 which rapes the BMW GTR
    a normal M3, which you buy at a dealer doesn't have a V8.. similar obviously i know it's a m3, cause its called one, duh, but i'm saying it's not the traditional one, which is a L6.
    and isn't it funny, that Jaguar as automatics are matching BMW speed?
    and Jaguars are faster "hot" 0-60 than the BMW?
    yes, and the Jaguar Cabriolet beats the BMW...
    still waiting for a 0-60 in 4.6 seconds proof from you btw.
    also waiting to see a 3.1 BMW...
    Jagur always made 3 cars going at that speed,
    and anywayz, a BMW will never be faster than a Mustang Boss

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