BMW M5 or Brabus CLS 55

Discussion in '2005 Brabus CLS 55' started by skylimit, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. It is a very hard choice for me to make but for some of you it might be an easy one.

    The brabus has great performance, but the M5's v10 is very light and responsive (plus those M5 Rims are niiiiiiice)
  2. M5, because I'm tired of Mercedes in every possible way.
  3. mercedes...100%...know y? mah buddy has an M3...u can never drive it to its fulll potential on streets...this ,mercedess has 100% playa status.
  4. I would say this... I give up! Both are great cars.
  5. the merc for sure
  6. merc for sure
  7. M5 cos its more exiting. Mercs are little bit too boring for me.
  8. I'd take this one over the M5. I know the M5 has got great engineering but it's starting to look like a Hyundai or Kia or something like that.

    This one, I don't mind...
  9. Compare a stock car to a tuner car? Hmm decisions, decisions. If I were to choose, well, I would go with the bimmer. Because with the bimmer, you could get the upgrade to it to make it more formidable than this.... thing....
  10. good call
  11. surely bmw .. i don't think it looks like a kia.. baybe kia looks like it ..
  12. M5. V-10 versus V-8? It's a no-brainer. Who cares about the power output because a couple of upgrades would take care of that. It's all about status; the more cylinders, the better.
  13. That's a tough question. While I do think that this would be a better everyday car (automatic transmission, lots o' low-end torque, and probably a more comfortable ride), the M5 would certainly be more fun (SMG), damn near as comfortable (BMW suspension magic) and handle better (once again, that ol' black magic). Also, you can't deny the extreme hotness of a screaming F1-esque v-10 engine. Mmm, mmm, good. Not so sure about either car's styling (bmw is kinda just... different, MB looks like those pillbugs I smashed when I was a little kid).

    Verdict: M5
  14. no actually kia and hyundai are starting to look like bmws and audis because the want more status in automotive world. I think thats flattering that someone copies your styling, because if someone does that, it tells he liked your car so much he wanted to make similar. But I haven't seen any Merc CLS lookalike yet.. wonder why...
  15. That is quite possibly the most idiotic comment I've ever seen on these boards, if you're having trouble deleting your account, then setting your computer on fire will produce great results, guaranteed.
  16. first off neither. The CLS and the M5 don't match up. Secondly, I think american muscle is leaving european cars in the dust.
  17. ShitMan6, you suck.

    I'd chose the CLS. I love BMW:s and always have, but this Brabus is over the top.

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