BMW Mille Miglia concept

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  1. dear god i hope they didnt make that
  2. Dear god, you were born with the tastes of a retard.
  3. i kinda like the asymetrical back. gives it a unique flavor.
  4. agreed, sorta need to look at it fora sec to apreciate it but its nice...
  5. its fugly
  6. Says a dim-headed Australian. Not like your opinion has any effect.
  7. That is SO gorgeous. I REALLY NEED THAT! DAYYUMM! Hotness. Seriously. That is killer. Perfection. Damn.
  8. I hated it when I first saw pics, but now, it's grown on me, and I like it a lot
  9. When i saw that pic, i was like wtf. Then i clicked again, and it is actually pretty nice. It think it is worthey of the Mille Miglia name.
  10. any one else think the side is kinda z4 esque??
  11. Awesome, thats a design turn i woul like to se BMW take.
  12. I love this.
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  14. Wow, that's stunning to say the least.
  15. if they make the back semetrical it would be perfect
  17. no more please i cant bear
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  19. that is one of the ugliest cars ive ever seen. You might see some one driving that in the year 2020 though.
  20. oh sorry i keep double clicking the "post reply" button
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