BMW pays $42 million for violating US fuel laws

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  1. WASHINGTON (AFP) - BMW paid more than 42 million dollars in fines during the year that ended September 2003, for violating US corporate fuel efficiency rules, officials said.

    The luxury German automaker incurred a fine of 14 million dollars for its 2002 model-year vehicles and another of 28 million dollars for 2001 model year vehicles.

    It opted to pay the total in one fiscal year, which ended September 30, 2003, according to a spokesman for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (news - web sites).

    Under Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) rules, automakers are required to keep the average fuel efficiency of their passenger car fleets to 11.7 kilometers per liter (27.5 miles per gallon), weighted by sales.
    The corresponding truck target is 8.8 kilometers per liter (20.7 mpg), rising to 8.9 kilometers per liter (21 mpg) for 2005 model-year trucks and sport-utility vehicles.
    But certain automakers routinely pay fines for exceeding those caps, although US and Asian companies have stayed within the government's limits.
    BMW is among a handful of companies that have decided that paying the fines is part of the cost of doing business in the United States -- the world's largest automotive market, according to the trade magazine Automotive News.

    BMW builds "the cars our customers want to buy," spokesman Gordon Keil is quoted as saying in Monday's issue of the magazine.

    Fast cars with superb handling and luxury features weigh more and use more fuel, Keil said. "If there are penalties, so be it."
    The agency's annual fuel efficiency report is due out before the year's end. It will provide details on industry-wide compliance with the rules for the 2002 model year -- the latest year for which figures are available.
  2. a stiff business descision.. way i see it, if theyre willing to pay those fines, why not give the US M3 the full 343 hp?
  3. Yeah, no shit...Totally agree.
  4. Half of that 10hp difference has to do with the conversion from PS to HP. The other 5hp is just exhaust system differences.
  5. Whats PS?
  6. PS is close to HP but no quite. They use it in Japan and the UK IIRC...

    Anyways I bet their "fine" is going down because of Mini...
  7. french horses, which are smaller and weaker.
  8. german! PS is Parden Streffe or however you spell it. the French word for horse is Cheval
  9. Pferde Stärken you n00b<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  10. I think a fuel-hungry M3 is passable with fines, but a tree-killin' M3 is totally illegal. Emissions regulations actually. Can't pay that off.
  11. "Three-killing M3"?? Dude the US is full of SUV's with big V8's
  12. Lol...and we know how conservative US SUV's are with fuel..
  13. i love how 'superb handeling' affects fuel economy. well, i guess tires do.
  14. y have special rules for SUVs - it is stupid, they are the most dangerous and ridiculous type of car, if anything they should be taxed more, not less. SUVs are like smallpox, and american was the vial the last strain was stored in, but now the vial is broken and it is spreading, ruining the car world as it goes.
  15. Fast cars with superb handling and luxury features weigh more and use more fuel, Keil said. "If there are penalties, so be it."

    I like that guy's attitude.

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