BMW should make a BMW M8!

Discussion in '1994 BMW 850 CSi' started by PRO, Aug 9, 2002.

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    you can see the 850CSi as the M8, just like the M635CSi is known by many as the M6. They didn't name it M850CSi, but it's engine is named S70, and all M engines begin with an S. Also it has a 6 speed manual, and it has a M suspension, M style mirrors, different rims. I think it has different seats also, sport seats. It's a rare car though only like 2000 were made. I love the 850CSi
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    OK, This is what i know from my big bro, he's really into this car, and often speaks of how the M8 would have been the greatest BMW. There were plans for an M8, and as some1 said, one was made, and is in the BMW warehouse. The reason it was aborted was because of funds. They marketed the car too early, everyone was in anticipation for the car to come out, b4 it was supposed to make its debut, BMW's sales were way too low, because everyone was saving up sor the M8, and there was no enough money for the car to be produced. So it got cancelled. I might be wrong, but it seems like a legit story, the others seem kinda wierd...
  3. one was made i saw it on the road
  4. its 2004 now and no 8 series or m8 :p
  5. Actually BMW made an engine for M8, when M8 programme was aborted they actually installed it in Mclaren F1

    Here are the specs of this engine:

    Model BMW S70/2
    Type 6.1 liter, 48 valve V-12 with aluminum block and heads, 627 bhp
    Bore and stroke 3.38 x 3.41 in (86 x 87 mm)
    Displacement 370 cubic in, 6064 cc
    Compression ratio 10.5:1
    Engine control system Bosch Motronic with port fuel injection
    Emissions controls 3-way catalytic converter feedback fuel-air-ratio control auxiliary air pump
    Valve gear Chain-driven double overhead cams, 4 valves per cylinder, hydraulic lifters, variable intake timing
    Power (SAE net) 618 bhp @ 7400 rpm
    Torque (SAE net) 479 ft-lb @ 4000 rpm
    Redline 7500 rpm

    So who says you cant make it =) Pay 70 000 USD for that engine install it in BMW 850 and you got an exclusive M8 =)))


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