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Discussion in '2003 BMW Z4 3.0i' started by OzyF1, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I don't know what BMW is getting into, but whatever happened to those beautiful cars they used to make? It's enough with the 7 Series and now this, and it looks like the new 5 Series is going in the same direction.
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    I agree. If you had asked me earlier, I would have told you that it would be impossible for BMW to make an ugly car.

    Well, they've gone and done it.
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    <b>I agree. If you had asked me earlier, I would have told you that it would be impossible for BMW to make an ugly car.

    Well, they've gone and done it. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    very true, and sad for BMW, and us
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    I personally feel that this is new Z4 is not as bad as everybody else makes it out to be. I think the rear-end of this car is very nicely styled. It looks stylish, yet aggressive - I especially like the lights. The front-end of the car could work, the problem with the styling is definitely in the middle section, around the diagonal line through the BMW badge. This line does, however, link up with the angle of the windscreen. I will need to get used to the concave (sunken) bit on the door though. Gotta love the rims, roll-bars and wing mirrors! I think BMW will be able to sell me one.
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    Well its Chris Bangle's designs I think he should get booted and look for a better designer.
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    BMW is looking to the futre for styling ideas the Z3 was a retro look now they want a new diferent look something to catch you eye to make you remember it every one hated the new 7's when they came out but now people are warming up to them its time we all stop looking to the past for ideas and move on with the futre but how ever BMW styling goes they will always be the "Ultiment Driving Machine"

    P.S. will everybody stop comapreing cars and enjoy them all please
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    i dont think this car is very ugly. its unique and semi-aggressive. are they gonna make a M4? that would be cool. <!-- Signature -->
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    Soo true. Soo bad. I guess i'll have to live primarily off Merc's now.
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    Well, I think this is totally fresh direction from the disappointment of the 7er... IMO it looks #$%#ing mint...
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    Personally, I like the Z4, with a few subtle changes, as posted below. I'd remove the Z line on the front fender, run the lower line straight forward, and make the rear spoiler go all the way across the back. That's it.

    Bangle is in charge of the designers, but he isn't the designer of the car. BMW needed someone who was a non-engineer in charge of design, and to get BMW away from the sales slump it had entered into due to the fact that the designs had become very stale, and relatively unchanged for decades. They wanted to get away from tradition, and take risks again. So they hired Bangle.
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    no but i heard about some rumors concerning a concept m7....
    that would b cool too

    considering m3 and m5 are sweet, even though 7-series are disappointing, but m7 might be nice
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    The other BMWs are too much of the same. This can change everything. I think that this will bring a lot more business to BMW. This car is definately a step up from the Z3. (Z3 = piece of $h!t)
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    This car is a true beauty, and there is nothing wrong with the BMW's styling today, the new 5series looks very good and the new 6 series too.
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    look what I saw today, sorry about the low res, and only one pic, I went to test drive the 745 and the 330ci, and did not want to look like I was there to take pictures.
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    i don't see anything wrong with the's beautiful.
    and by the way,i like the new 7 series.don't base your opinion only on pictures.i saw it,and it's a gr8 car from the inside and drom the outside.
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    welcome to the 21 century, where the car begin to fly and the wheels will dissapear.

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    Man, seriously. I do believe that BMW is losing its touch. This new look their going for may be what others like, but it isnt what I used to love about BMW. All these hard lines are completely opposite of what they did before. It used to be flowing, graceful lines but now its just hard bumps all over the place. PLEASE BMW! I think im going to have to get a Lexus SC430 instead of this crap.
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    ahh, forget it.. just get the M3 guys... come on, i'll buy you one..what color you want?
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    i think they are going this way cuz even if they lose a few customers, that are going to get more then they lose so they will make a bigger profit. Remember they are in it for the money and not what older customers like. I don't really like SC430s. I saw this really shiny black one with 20 chromes on it, and it was nice. but i would rather get a 350Z or the G35. Those look similar and have good performance.
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    In my opinion BMW's new styling is gorgeous, reading through the posts, you either like it or don't. Bmw's got the courage to show the world that they can "re-invent" car design, try new concepts, without caring about others. And what makes the difference between BMW and Mercedes is that the people who drive BMW know that their car looks great, and they don't buy it coz it's a BMW, rather for the car. (maybe slightly over-exaggurated but..) Again Mercedes has got a very traditional, and not experimenting design. I'm not saying that Mercedes' would be ugly, but they just are mediocre but nice, they do not have the final touch the separates them from the rest of the cars on the road, like the Z4 and new 7-series. It's also seen in the user group of the cars, older men tend to go for the Mercedes, if you see what I mean.

    I respect all of your opinions, is there anyone who agrees with me or?
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    i agree, but i mean Benz has come out with nice looking cars. Have you seen the E-Class? Esp. the one that was in MIB2. That color was tite. But i agree that the Z4 is a strong risk taken by BMW, that i think will prove to be successful.

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