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  1. Merc are better. Bimmers are the poor man's merc.
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    you are the biggest idiot for even thinking that. wow, i cant belive that you would think that benz even stands a chance against bmw. which merc. cars are better than bmw's? you guessed it, none. merc is only good for old mans luxury.
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    That's also a very biased comment. <!-- Signature -->
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    Hey wheelmansDad, just look at the weight of this car, then look at the performance...

    Benz need superchargers to run fast man... and the M5 is too cheap for the type of car it is man...

    So please don't mess with BMW, they can squeeze the shit out of any mercedes ok....<!-- Signature -->
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    listen up dopeman i think you really need to quit that shit you r takin

    ps this car's wheel can compete with any merc
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    both are good, just mb's are a lil overpriced. BMW RULEZ!!!!
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    Mercedes are for buisness men who want to go a top speed of 60 mph, while BMW is for buisness men who like to drive their cars in bare feet and sunglasses. Any BMW could whoop any benz' @$$.
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    hehe... ok.. here my opinion.. BMW it*s a good car but not so good as i used to think. I thought it was a damn fast car but it*s not so fast like AUDI. Anyway BMW builds fast cars but AUDI can kick there ASSes. Just take ur time and compare BMW M3,M5 with the AUDI RS4 and RS3. TO bad that AUDI RS3 is not present on this site only S3. PLUS AUDI is AWD and wich is good for handling ... anyway BMW used to rulz but not anymore... and don*t forget to compare cars in the same class.
    bla bla bla i could countinue like this for another 2H .. but there is not time
    AUDI RULZ !!! bmw ... so so <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
    Take care and drive fast ... super-fast with <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
    (RS4 0-60: 4,1 sec ////\\\\ M5 0-60: 4,8)
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    Audi's and BMW's were meant to compete, but not BMW and Mercedes. Mercedes is all about class. BMW and Audi are all about performance with class. The RS4/M5 comparison would be great. I'll save it for another topic though.
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    I really dont think any Mercedes is considered a sportscar. Arent all REAL sportscars supposed to have manual transmissions? In my opinion AMG mercedes ae for old men who like to do the speed limit once in a while. Oh and you cant forget all the preppy girls who have them.
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    Right, that's why many of MotorTrend's writers thought the SL55 AMG is an overall better sports car over the 360 Modena, Aston Martin DB7 Vantage, and BMW Z8. Some people like luxury and the thrill of speed without the hassle of a manual transmission (manuals can be annoying in traffic). Some of the new 2003 AMGs are coming out with 500bhp, so therefore, they must be slow, huh? Didn't think so. I do think Mercedes should include a 6-speed tranny as an option, though.
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    I cant wait till the next M5. With an F1 derrived V10 making 550hp. And its all naturally aspirated while AMG uses forced induction. Thats what makes an M car so unique.
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    You basically stated that AMGs are slow and for old people. All I did was correct you. I never even mentioned the M5. Besides, there's no point in talking about the new M5 since I'm sure you have no actual specifications on it that you can prove. If you do, I'd be glad to look at it.
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    you suck
    #$%#in pieca shit
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    yep yep
    i see no v10 M5.. do you?
    please tell me when bmw plans to make one...
    last i heard they're planning on bringing back the 1-series 4 cylinder engines.
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    well, in a way i could agree on Bimmers are the poor man's merc.

    BMW makes great cars. Being a Mercedes enthusiast i still respect BMW.
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    BMW never made a 1 series. They are just bringing into the market to give young drivers a chance to own a BMW. Its designed to compete with the Honda Civic, Golf etc.. But I sure with the 2002 would come back.
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    they actually did, in its early stages/
    they might have been officially named bmw at the time., it was the pre-war era i believe.
    and yes that's why, bringing young drivers.
    quit frankly the Mini isn't cutting that.
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    2003 E55AMG
    0-100km/h in claimed 4.7 seconds, some independent tests have shown 4.4seconds.
    Mercedes use Kompressors to keep emissions down, instead of running high compression ratios and allowing a more direct flow of exhaust.
    Why does it matter if Mercedes use forced induction to get horses?
    BMW spin their engines up to ridiculously high speeds to get there’s, because of this BMWs have higher emissions and greater engine ware due to the stress on the components.
    A Mercedes will run smoother and cause you fewer problems than a BMW will over 4 years.
    BMW are not using the F1 V10-engine derivative, it would not be cost effective as many modifications would have to be made and a AUD80,000 profit per M5 would not be worth it.
    I don't think you'd ever see a car on road with a 16,000rpm redline either.
    The new M5 if n/a will need to be something special to go up against the Audi RS6 and Mercedes E55AMG.
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    yeah,sure.if ur asking ur grandma!!!!
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    I respect most opinions, but BMW's are generaly great cars, this is no acception, this car is great, looks great, and has good numbers, imagine it with a V12
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    I was going to kick the ass of the one who created this thread so hard, so when he was going to take a shit, it will come out of his mouth! because he's a complete moron!!!! no one can ever say that BMW sucks, cuz they're on of the best in the World!!
    But when i saw your post, I changed my mind, now i wanna kick both your asses!!!
    BEnz don't ever stand a chance against BMW?? from where did you get that?? do you have any facts? the only 2 cars where BMW did beat mercedes the last 4 years where the M5 and the M3, and now with the New E55, the old M5 doesn't stand a chance.....also, In every other category, MB wins... its a fact!!!
    Well MB's are more expensive than BMW and they sell every year 300 thousands more car than BMW, and i'm talking about passenger cars here, not including bussess and trucks. so that prooves that MB is better!! its a fact so don't go posting silly comments like the guys who created this thread...

    "Benz ever stand a chance against BMW", what an ignorant!!!
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    And that's completely true, instead of creating high reving, DOHC 4valve/cylinder HIGH EMission engines, MErcedes introduced the Kompressor, wich produces a lot of Hp's and high torque !
    and All MB engines last, they have better reliability,,, even AMG models don't have "sporty engines", if you ever noticed, they're all SOHC 3valve/cylinder!!!
    so the result is:
    1-Low Emissions
    2-better economy
    3-longer reliable engine's life
    4-Lower Engine Noise===> smoother passenger ride!(MB's objective)

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    Clearly you're a moron!

    You make all people who like Mercedes look like a bunch of fools with your gibberish and incoherent thought processes!

    You have just blamed someone for not backing up their argument. Yet you haven't stated any valid evidence to prove your own.
    You basically used your own opinion as "fact".

    I'm pretty sure GM sells a lot more cars then MB. Does that make their cars better then MB's? (rhetorical question) Perhaps try backing it up with real evidence.

    In almost every sedan comparison I have ever seen, the 3 series or the 5 series beats whatever mercedes has to offer. Just because the E55 does 0-60 in 4.4 and the M5 does it in 4.7 doesn't make it a better car! ****, I could sit here for hours critisizing your infantile remarks, but I don't have the time.

    Perhaps try using an automotive journalist's opinion as evidence.

    And please make some #$%#ing sense next time!

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    well you're the moron my friend, i never said that merc are better just because they sell more!!!! i said that they're better because they sell more and they are generally more expensive!!!!!!!!!!!
    well yeah Honda sells 3 times more than MB and BMW, that doesn't make them better, but honda's are generally 10 times cheaper than MB!!!
    GOT MY POINT SILLY!?!??!?!
    MB's are more expensive than BMW...IF BMW was actually better, people wouldn't buy MB's, just to save money and get better qualitity!!!! but people still buy MB's, and the fact is that MB outsells BMW!!!
    And no the 5 series isn't better than the NEW E, i saw a comparison in Auto-bild magazine comparing the E, the 5 series, and the S type, and the E was a winner by far...
    and no the 3 series isn't better than the C class,
    And never the 7 series was better than the S class!! even with the new UGLY 7 series.
    the Z8 doesn't stand a chance against the SL55
    and there are no counterparts for the CL and the A class!!!
    the SLK was better than the Z3, I don't know anything about the Z4 yet.
    The M3 is better than its MB couterparts, wich i don't know if it is the CLK55 or the C32, in fact the M3 is better than any counterparts, not specifically at MB's, the M3 is the best sports car.
    The M5 was better than the E55 until the release of the new E55
    THe X5 is better than the M class.


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