BMW Z4 vs. Honda S2000

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  1. Who do u think would win in a race of any type between the Z4 or the S2000?

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    Although i love the S2000, the Z4 will have a build quality Honda cant rival.
    Z4 definately.
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    Build quality is more of a long term thing tho. I agree, but in a race, I think that the honda's better top speed (around 150) would give it the one up on the BMW. Does anyone know the skidpad ratings of both these cars?
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    if you're talking about the base Z4 then i have no idea. but if you mean the 3.0i then the S2000 is dead
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    the Z4's tp speed is 155. it would be a close race.
  7. Z4
    BMW Z4 vs. Honda S2000

    Z4 all the way way nicer and newer and fatser
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    the Z4 is capabile of way more than 155 in my opion, but its real easy to get rid of the electronic limtier, Daini (i think thats how u spell it) andways they make chips than help the accleration, and top end of BmW's, i know because i have one in my E30 325ci (first car dont rag)
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    From a recent test drive the S2000 preformed WAY better than the BMW. You guys just like it better because it says BMW on it.
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    hmm... litle wierd... that... BMW Z4 3.0L has top speed ONLY 206kph !!!
    i think its fake!!!!! or a mistake!!
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    dumb ass
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    i agree with that statement... if u look at the stats at the top of the page u see that the top speed is 128mph... however on a s2000 the top speed is 160mph out the dealer.... (stated from honda representative @ honda dealership, yonkers)with a lighter weight adn more hp and torgue.. i give the race to the honda s2000 1/4 mile and especially shitting on the z4 top end.... if u want to play games and say what the z4 hits.. just read the stats that has put up for u...... now i am always the one to pick german cars over japanese imports but in this case i give it to the honda s2000
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    Actually ya. BMW means better quality over a honda. Not to mention the stats.
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    the S200 has no toque, i was reading a test and they said that poping the clutch at redline gave it a 0-60 of 6.3 seconds, and do you have any idea what that dose to your cluch, the Z4 handles way better too, they pulled the suspention right out of the E46 M3 for it, with the speed sensative stering its one of the best handling cars on the road, lastly the 3.0 Z4 is govened to 155, not 128 like the 2.5, and the Z5 would be up to that speed way faster then the S2000, the Z4 would be long gone before the S2000 hit that speed.
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    128MPH is its electronically limited top speed. If you did get it de-limited you probably could attain about 165-ish MPH. And uhh, do you actually believe the Honda "representative"? We all know dealers would do anything to get you to buy a car, even if it means lying.
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    I rated this becauase it is such a good comparo that i cant decide!
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    s2000 would definetly beat this......
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    You gotta be kidding me, man!
    206kph sucks real time...
    Even my Mitsu Nativa (as called by Americans, Montero Sport... aye aye aye) can go faster than that, man.
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    the hondas got 250 hp and 152 torque. the z4 has 225 hp and about 220 torque. they both look about the same size but i think that the honda is lighter but they prob have very similar handling. The hondas got a 6 speed and the z4 has a 5 speed. The z4 definitly has better quality than the honda. An I-4 would have to work very hard to get that power so it would prob not last as long as the z4. Lookswise, the z4 imo looks better. In any type of race i would bet my money on the s2000 if it wasnt for the torque. It would be a tough call but the z4 would prob win, the only doubts i have for the z4 is the 5 speed. but i would definitly take this over the honda.
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    the s2000 is sick, but im gonna have to go with the z4
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    The Z4 has a 3.0 L V6 w/225 bhp.
    The S2000 has a 2.0 L 4 cyl w/240 bhp.
    Honda has better handling and acceleration. Not to mention that the Z4 is BMW's worst creation since the 1958 Isetta (Steve Urkel car).
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    S2000 would kill it.
    goes up to 9000 rpm.
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    Just you wait for the MZ4. This isn't BMW's ultimate roadster yet.....

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