Body kit?

Discussion in '2007 Mallett Solstice Pitbull V8' started by Youreallfullofit, May 2, 2007.

  1. Well, its interesting at least. Back end looks ugly, though v-8 power is a good thing. LS7 would be nice.
  2. The use of wider wheels is nice too.
  3. Pontiac Solstice-$21,000
    V8 Conversion-$20,000
    Custom Wide Body-$16,000
    The look on the guys face driving the $100,000 z07 when ya finish smoking him-Priceless
  4. It looks like someone stuck an air hose into a normal Solstice and puffed it up.
  5. I sure hope the V-8 conversion isn't 20,000. Kind of reminds of the Shelby Cobra Roadster.
  6. I think the bodkit adds alot of much need aggressiveness especially if you have the 400hp LS2 engine upgrades.Sunddenly you have a car.
  7. 20k for v8 conversion is kinda expensive. I would take one without that body kit. Sleeper baby!

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