Boeing Ending C-17 Production

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    So yeah, looks like its definitely going to be ending the C-17 production. If it happens, Southern California will lose the production facility and thousands of jobs as a result.

    More reads: (Defence News) (Reuters)
  2. what the hell are they goign to use to ship abrams aroudn now then? I mean its not like the fleet will last forever
  3. No, but they'll last long enough that by the time they're getting worn out there will likely be a replacement.
  4. Some where speculating back in August last year that the C-17 might come full circle. With a modified version to replace the C-130.
  5. They can also start the production again if there are new orders.
  6. c-5's, boats mostly.

    hell, even the an-124 if worse comes to worse
  7. Ships. They can only transport one tank at a time with cargo planes. That's a big waste. They're only used if they need a tank somewhere right the hell now.
  8. You'll see thoes planes everday when you are near Travis AFB.
  9. first of all the c17 can transport 2. second the c-5 can transport wayyyyyy more than one.
  10. Two only. They can in terms of size, but not weight - especially for long flights.

    The US Government will never allow the production facility to's a huge political thing. With one of the most technologically advanced companies losing workers, they'd probably also consider it a National Security threat if any of those workers were to leave and work somewhere else (even if in Canada - with Bombardier).

    A combat-ready Abrams tank weights between 135,000 and 139,000 pounds, depending on the version. The maximum payload capacity of the C-17 is about 171,000 pounds. Thus, the C-17 can only carry ONE Abrams tank.

    The C-5 Galaxy's maximum payload capacity is 270,000 pounds. So if you want to straddle the maximum payload line of the Galaxy, you could haul TWO Abrams tanks. I believe, however, that they typically only transport one so that the plane will last longer.

    Even if we go to the only two bigger planes which could feasibly haul an Abrams tank, you've still only got two whole tanks for the An-124 (330,000 lbs payload), or four whole tanks with the gargantuan An-225 (551,000 lbs payload).

    You might be able to fit one more tank per plane of the above-mentioned if you shipped a stripped-down hull. But then you still have to deal with having to use more planes to ship all the parts instead of whole tanks, AND you still have to reassemble the tank once you get to the delivery location.

    Further more, the only plane of these four that's at all practical for short-field/soft-field operations is the C-17. The other three are really only useful when you've got a nice, big airport to land at and you're not in as much of a hurry to get the tank to a combat zone.
  12. yeah, correct
    a c-17 can carry one combat ready tank - ready to roll and mess shit up, where if the c-5 carries 2 they are stripped down - ie no fuel, armour or ammo. they require depo level maintenence once they arrivep

    ship is still the prefered method of delivery

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