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  1. bit time wrecker?
  2. u siris sir?
  3. Big
    of a
  4. hahahahahaha
  5. lol

    and i liek it chrissy
  6. eugene levy is missing?
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    That looks like that milk carton from that Blur music video.

    It is, sweet! Where did you get it from? I want it.
  8. This thread is lol
  10. Man, we really need to introduce Stangman to some epic 90's music. I get the feeling he's probably listened to Metallica and Led Zep enough by now.
  11. also in before a bunch of braggy #%$s say "45mins? lol that would have taken me 28min MAX"
  12. 45mins? lol that would have taken me 28min MAX
  13. theres one

    edit: also i see i was right on time
  14. I'm never tired of listenning to Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Ronny James Dio, Iron Maiden......
  15. Yes, but we need to expand your horizons, old man. Look at my life. I'm alot like you were.

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