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    How many MPGs or L/100kms do you average in your daily driver? Also what do you drive I want to see your cars! My daily: '96 Civic LX sedan (no ABS, no AC, P/S, basically no power options at all) with Integra subframe, suspension bits, rear discs, and B18b with a super short B16 transmission.

    With this calculator I have been averaging 39MPG or 7.1L/100km. Just toss your trip odometer for your last tank in:

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  2. My Ford Transit Custom averages 7.6L/100km (37mpg), and the Hyundai i30 CRD does 6.8L/100km (41.5mpg)

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  3. Pretty insane for a van, we haven't had transits for sale in Canada for that long. They are both diesels?
  4. My forester XT gets ~7.5L/100 - 9L depending on the weather / tyres.
  5. My car needs a wash (hasn't been done for months), and is missing three wheel trims at the moment so it looks pretty shitty. Oh, and there's a dent that appeared whilst I was on holiday.

    2005 Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi LX (115bhp). The trip computer says 38-39mpg generally. I've had it over 50mpg once, but I had to drive so slowly it was impractical at any time other than when I'm the only person on the road.

    EDIT: pic not my car

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  6. 2010 Jeep Wrangler, 15-18MPG if im lucky
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  8. Daily driver is a 2006 Lincoln towncar, averages 22mpg.
    Weekend car is a 2001 S54 M Coupe, averages 20mpg.

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  9. What a weird combination.
  10. Daily is a 2000 civic coupe 5-speed extra-base model. Last tank I got 5.8L/100km

    Weekender is a white 2003 Mazda Miata club sport with supercharger and all the related intercoolers and injectors. Averages 14L/100km
  11. no current pics since i just got a new phone but i'm still driving the speed3

    it's pretty dirty anyway
  12. Still got the same cars and I don't really care about gas mileage, when the needle is near empty, I just fill it up. The hell for fuel economy.
  13. My 125i gets around 7.5L/100km.

    Can't wait to drive it again ;_;

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  15. I average low 30's in the city but highway is a different story.

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  16. Both diesels. Both great cars, very happy with them.
  17. Yeah, the towncar will eventually be replaced with something German.
  18. Are these imperial gallons?
  19. We measure our consumption by how many kilometers per liter. It's like MPG, only metric. I don't get why don't everybody measure it like that.
  20. I measure fuel consumption by furlongs per jigger but I also accept puncheons per cubit.

    Sweet revenge.
  21. I get around 24mpg in the city, but 35 is not uncommon for the highway where i can keep the turbo idle. Or about 30/40 if you wanna talk imperial.
  22. what about NOx
  23. I don't know how the trip computer is calibrated, but I'd assume so.
  24. apparently I get just under 7 mpg in my Ford. which I find hilarious
  25. 30 mpg highway, 23 city, 9 track.

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