Boss wins again.

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    I just had to do this to you Zl1 lovers check it out:

    Go to concept lab and look at the 10.0L Boss . He says and I will quote: " You can read all about the Boss mustang beating up on chevy guys in the January 2000 issue of car and driver magazine."

    Here is a pic proving that this acutally did happen and they did beat up on the ZL1 LOL I love it how peeps say ford makes crap. Look at all the concepts they plan on comin out with they are so damn nice looking and fast. Dont speak on what you dont know once again I have to say.

    Dont Speak on what you dont know!
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    Nasty 0-60 at 1.9 secs faster then any car on this site By the way.
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    in that article neither car one because they both broke camaro blew a rear end and t he boss blew some rocker arms and shit both of the cars have to much power for there on good <!-- Signature -->
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    where do I click to read the 2 comparisons?<!-- Signature -->
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    also no one mentioned that the boss lost on the driving course.
  6. Boss 10L Mustang is a crock

    Just to let you all know, this "Boss" mustang is a bunch of crap. I will prove it to you right here.

    10L = 610 CI! It does NOT have a 610 cubic inch engine.

    It says it has a 429. Ok, well 429CI = 7L.

    It says it has a 4.6 inch bore and a 4.5 inch stroke. Well that would produce 598 CI.

    It also mentions "dual 70mm throttle bodies with 2800rpm converter".

    1. The Torque Converter has nothing to do with the engine. It is part of the engine!

    2. In order to achieve 9 second times an engine like that will need a MUCH higher stall speed. Again, this car is bullshit.

    Guys, these numbers just don't match up. This thing is either fake or whoever made this .pdf doesn't know what the hell he is talking about.
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    1. This is not "dis-information". This is basic MATH and you must be really stupid to think it's wrong. BTW I mean to say the TC is "part of the transmission" not the engine. Typo.<!-- Signature -->
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    I SAID that was a TYPO. The Torque Converter is part of the Transmission. I did not mean to say engine.

    As for the math, get out a #$%#ing calculator and do it yourself. You will see why these numbers are too far off to be "ROUNDED". You don't just round up from 598 to 610 cubic inches. That is bullshit.<!-- Signature -->
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    You just don't know when to quit, do you? Get out a calculator. Take 10 and multiply it by 61.02. You get 610. Take 610 and divide it by 61.02. You get 10. Take their bore and stroke and figure out that it equals 598. Take 598 divided by 61.02 and you will find that it equals 9.8. All I said earlier was to point out that these numbers in this pdf DON'T MATCH UP. I did not post to deal with your sorry ass. If you know a lot about cars that's cool, so do I. I drive my hand built 350 as my daily driver/weekend cruiser. Now stop posting about such stupid crap and just accept the reason for my post in the first place.<!-- Signature -->
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    Why are you trying to tell me the reason for my own post? I posted to say the numbers in that .pdf file were iffy and didn't quite make sense, that's all, and you went on for days about all sorts of crap.

    And also I can prove you wrong on something here. You just said a 351 is just a bored out 302. Wrong. A 351 uses different main bearings as well as having a crankshaft with a longer stroke AND cylinders with a larger bore to produce more displacement. You can't bore a 302 and hope to reach 351. You will run into cylinder wall thickness issues. You have to get a bigger crank.

    About all the rounding stuff, you are just repeating the same thing I said earlier...they round their numbers! Why are you trying to tell me this again?<!-- Signature -->
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    Accept what? The fact that you wont give up? Yeah, I'll accept that. You don't know when to quit rambling about the same shit over and over. We read what you said now stop repeating your bs.<!-- Signature -->
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    lets just stop the bickering and put it this way, the boss will rip the camaro a new a-hole no doubt
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    <!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from mr know it all</i>
    <b>lets just stop the bickering and put it this way, the boss will rip the camaro a new a-hole no doubt</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    I don't know, if the Boss doesn't break down maybe it'll win! But still the ZL-1 looks sweet and atleast it looks like a driveable car. That damn boss had drag tires on it, and it looked ridiculous! It looked more like a Pro Street racer! It also had like 100 more horsepower so it better have beaten this finely tuned machine!<!-- Signature -->
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    The ZL1 had drag tires too. ANY car with that much power REQUIRES tires that will hook up. A car with a lot of power is USELESS unless you can get that power down to the ground. You cannot possibly run on stock tires and hope to get into the 9's. You will sooner end up dead off the side of the track.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah I know the ZL-1 had drags. but they didn't look as obvious than that Boss where it's tires were 3 times the size. Like I said it looked more like a Pro Street car than a bad-ass street machine like this.<!-- Signature -->
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    Do you know where I can find pictures of this "Boss" Mustang?<!-- Signature -->
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    Ha! Did I say 598ci? Hehe...

    Not bad...but I'm not a big mustang fan.<!-- Signature -->
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    Being a camaro fan, i think this camaro is cooler than the boss. they r both really cool cars, and i like american muscle, but the camaro has always had a cool look to it.( except for the new ones which look way to plain and unsporty)

    If you don't agree, don't blame me> im only 12.
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    BOSS MUSTANG DOES HAVE A ^!) CUBIC INCE ENGINE! you guys are dumb, it smokes this shitty chevy! 0-60 in 1.9! YEAH.
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    Are you stupid? This Camaro runs the 1/4 almost a full second faster than the Boss. The only smoking I see is done by the Camaro.<!-- Signature -->
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    No the Boss did beat it in the 1/4 mile. It did go like 1.9! But the point is, that Boss looked like a damn Pro Street Drag Car! The tires were huge, obviously for drag-racing! But who cares! This car has more influence than the Boss and it's much better looking!<!-- Signature -->
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    No, the ZL1 was faster in the quarter mile. There is video of it doing the qmile in 9.3 sec. The boss did 10.59.<!-- Signature -->
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    I know I have the video, that's an 02 version, this 00 version went 10's. The Boss beat it in a 1/4 mile race. It was in either MoterTrend or Car and Driver I forget. <!-- Signature -->
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    Great idea, BigBlock. I'm with you.<!-- Signature -->

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