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    THIS POLL IS CLOSED, standings after 36 votes:
    50.0% The Doors
    13.9% Busta Rhymes
    13.9% Rob Zombie

    Best 3 advance to next round
    Pay attention to my forum image (press F5 if you dont see it yet)
    Share cliffs-info about the acts in question
    Gain BOTB points in the BOTB championship by posting youtube links or by using yousendit

    BUSTA RHYMES: - genesis

    THE DOORS: - an american prayer (jim morrison) - strange days - the doors

    - what it's like

    HELLACOPTERS: - cream of the crap - grande rock

    N.E.R.D.: - fly or die - in search of
  2. NERD like WOAH that In Search Of album the rock version or the hip hop version?
  3. Rob Zombie followed by N.E.R.D.
  4. I think it's the rock version
  5. Awesome.

    After hearing the rock version I can't stand 5 seconds of any of the hip hop version'd songs.
  6. My fav track of them has to be that Jason Nevins rmx of Rockstar, it #$%#ing gets me groovin 24/7

    Someone upload it
  7. LCD Soundsystem
  8. This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end
  9. Oh shit, I voted Doors.. but then I realized the Hellacopters was on [email protected]#!

    Does anyone have an album to upload? They are hard to find here.
  10. The links you see up there are albums =) sorry for not specifying number of tracks
  11. Thank you so much Moo + ∞
  12. The Doors, obviously.
  13. the hellacopters

    i used to be so into them a few years ago, i think vicious posted about them...
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    Everlast - What It's Like:

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