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    Depeche Mode

    Enjoy The Silence
  2. I voted for Depeche Mode accidentally, having not seen Sublime on the list. Add another vote for Sublime, dammit!
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    Radiohead by a billion. Their stuff has been so varied through the years, but has always been absolutly brilliant. As far as I'm concerned, they are THE band of the 90's. They achieve an amazing sound with everything thing they experiement with.

    But anyway, I'll get to uploading a couple of their sweeter stuff that not many people would have:

    Gagging Order from the Japan EP, COM LAG: 2+2=5:

    Fog (Again) [Live] from the same EP:
  4. I'd go further than that. In fact, I'd go as far as saying that they're probably the best band since the Beatles. And I've seen them live twice! Yay me!
  5. depeche mode like WHOA!
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    Pshhh. Radiohead is pretty damn good, but I'd take the Smashing Pumpkins over Radiohead anyday as far as 90s bands go.
  7. I rate the Pumpkins pretty damn highly, but as far as pushing things goes, and creating one hell of a sound, Radiohead have always been better. The risks they've taken with their sound, after already having a well established fan base is a pretty bold thing to do, and they did it to perfection, and still do.

    Opinions are opinions, though. And I'm not going to have beef with anyome who likes another great band over them. But as dahldrin said, best band in my eyes too since The Beatles.
  8. I really like the Pumpkins as well, but the fact of that matter is they've released some albums that are stinkers. Radiohead has not. In fact, I'd say the Pumpkins peaked with Siamese Dream and pretty much went down from there. Radiohead has stayed consistently good and I have no doubt their forthcoming album will be fantastic. Every track I've heard (which is basically just what I heard live) from it has been great.
  9. Yea, I just try to forget the last couple Pumpkins albums exist. What killed them IMO was when they booted Chamberlin out of the band. After that it went downhill. Plus when they brought him back and did the album Machina II that was only released on the internet they got better again.

    They did in make more albums than Radiohead has too, which leaves them more likely to have made bad releases. At some point, whether you like it or not, Radiohead will start releasing bad tracks/albums. It just happens. That is unless they breakup before that point, which IMO is what bands that have become legendary should do. It protects their image of awesomeness for posterities sake. Then they can start a different band and keep making new music that won't tarnish the image of the uber band they were in. Problem being musicians tend to think their new stuff is good, even when it's not.

    I'm hopeful that the Smashing Pumpkins new stuff that's supposed to be coming out at some point will be good. If not, oh well. At least their first few albums kicked ass.

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