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  1. also funny to see Chris Cornell and Temple Of The Dog coming up in the same poll, considering he was the lead singer for TOTD
  2. R2-06 has 3 of my top 5 or so bands. damn you, you're breaking my heart

    doing good work with this whole thing
  3. ROUND 2, DEFINITE POLLS. Start flaming already, I hate some outcomes too =D

    R2-01: daft punk, stevie ray vaughan, godsmack, kyuss, thievery corporation, atmosphere, bb king, meshuggah, postal service
    R2-02: 2pac, george thorogood & the destroyers, klaatu, alicia keys, nine inch nails, jacques villeneuve, coldplay, metallica, the verve
    R2-03: velvet revolver, stevie wonder, rammstein, dolly parton, thin lizy, louis armstrong, massive attack, u2, the monkees
    R2-04: the police, the white stripes, supertramp, buddy holly, cars, audioslave, the beach boys, foo fighters, steve vai
    R2-05: the black keys, stone temple pilots, golden earring, tears for fears, nirvana, opeth, mastodon, creedence clearwater revival, warren g
    R2-06: velvet underground, white zombie, the ramones, the haunted, iggy pop, eric clapton, collective soul, method man, dead kennedys
    R2-07: dandy warhols, kasabian, goo goo dolls, all-american rejects, the animals, james brown, pearl jam, snow patrol, bob dylan
    R2-08: mobb deep, queen, kool & the gang, rjd2, aphex twin, ayreon, beastie boys, billy idol, ace of base
    R2-09: joy division, blur, gorillaz, tech n9ne, cat stevens, lynyrd skynyrd, jessica simpson, the cult, yes
    R2-10: black sabbath, death from above 1979, muse, the doors, no doubt, outkast, jethro tull, social distortion, ying yang twins
    R2-11: moby, queens of the stone age, korn, busta rhymes, electric light orchestra, b52's, tragically hip, frank sinatra, t.i.
    R2-12: 5ive, motley crue, system of a down, rob zombie, in flames, jamiroquai, matisyahu, billy joel, zz top
    R2-13: garth brooks, sting, ray charles, led zeppelin, nofx, eurythmics, the beatles, underworld, talking heads
    R2-14: 50 cent, the who, kraftwerk, dr dre, run dmc, machine head, counting crows, pink floyd, nazareth
    R2-15: the vines, motorhead, dire straits, robbie williams, chemical brothers, janis joplin, silverchair, michael jackson, lil jon
    R2-16: judas priest, ac/dc, grand funk railroad, dragonforce, notorious b.i.g., marilyn manson, beck, frank zappa, huey lewis & the news
    R2-17: modest mouse, bob marley & the wailers, n*sync, ted nugent, rush, scissor sisters, mc hammer, the cure, three-six mafia
    R2-18: presidents of the usa, def leppard, red hot chili peppers, new pornographers, nwa, the clash, travis, the pixies, the toadies
    R2-19: dave matthews band, wilco, nas, the hives, the arcade fire, ozzy osbourne, jimi hendrix, usher, tom petty & the heartbreakers
    R2-20: genesis, the killers, alan parsons project, lenny kravitz, elvis presley, scooter, flaming lips, van halen, tom waits
    R2-21: jurassic 5, deftones, grateful dead, temple of the dog, chris cornell, pantera, bee gees, bjork, pennywise
    R2-22: david bowie, strapping young lad, alanis morissette, nick cave & the bad seeds, arctic monkeys, madonna, fleetwood mac, curtis mayfield, peter gabriel
    R2-23: steve miller band, radiohead, disturbed, dream theater, iron maiden, jane's addiction, slipknot, van morrison, joe cocker
    R2-24: blink 182, aerosmith, bruce springsteen, cannibal corpse, oasis, tool, turbonegro, soulfly, phil collins
    R2-25: prince, depeche mode, dj jazzy jeff & the fresh prince, rolling stones, chris isaak, the mars volta, slayer, cutting crew, snoop dogg
    R2-26: bloc party, rage against the machine, green day, carlos santana, the offspring, jay-z, meatloaf, johnny cash, johnny burnette trio
    R2-27: george clinton, the kinks, r.e.m., duran duran, at the drive-in, marvin gaye, ben folds five, placebo, miles davis
    R2-28: the prodigy, sufjan stevens, dmx, the eagles, eminem, sean paul, cranberries, soulwax, pj harvey
    R2-29: weezer, gnarls barkley, guns n' roses, lil wayne, jack johnson, faithless, flogging molly, soundgarden
    R2-30: blondie, sugar ray, alice in chains, the cardigans, okkervil river, barry white, megadeth, cypress hill
    R2-31: a perfect circle, boney m, neil young, the roots, tokyo hotel, paul mccartney & the wings, smashing pumpkins, black eyed peas
    R2-32: george michael, boston, gwar, ice cube, chuck berry, falco, cream, vengaboys
  4. Some of those polls are seriously evil. Oh well. When do the next set of polls start going up, fine Mr. Moo?
  5. In a couple of hours. Then I'm also going to update the member points of round 1.
  6. Alsoooooo... when round 2 is over (that's in 7-8 days from now), this is the Final 64 system

    Left side from top to bottom: R1-1 vs R2-2, R3-1 vs R4-2, R5-1 vs R6-2 .. R29-1 vs R30-2, R31-1 vs R32-2
    Right side from top to bottom: R1-2 vs R2-1, R3-2 vs R4-1, R5-2 vs R6-1 .. R29-2 vs R30-1, R31-2 vs R32-1

    Tomorrow I'll work on a nice jpeg'd schedule of this.
  7. Some hardass polls in there. At least RHCP is in a fairly easy one.
  8. Just showing my d-sign
  9. oh god damn, led zeppelin vs pink floyd
  10. I really was like ;_; when I saw that
    Then again, I'm calcing stats too, things will be fine. I hope.
  11. Nevermind, lol.
  12. as they are, those matchups make me angry
  13. Round 2 is over
  15. Vengaboys didn't make it <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  16. Wow, GWAR made it? Haha.
  17. i would like to know WTF happend and Who the HELL beat pink floyd <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>

    AND led zep...
  18. aah nevermind you didnt create all the polls. My bad.
  19. I create 8 every other day =) See you then (I secretly hope Floyd will win it)
  20. When are the next 8 up?
  21. errrrr good question, let me launch em
  22. First results are in!

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