Boxster VS SL550

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by c7015, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. I think my step dad is going to sell our boxster and get a white Sl550 (with amg sport package)

    we had an sl 500 before and he has missed it ever since .... but i am dissapointed I think auto makes it ZZZ even thou its a much nicer car ...

    I am torn ..what would you pull for ...I can talk him out of the benz ...but might be a nice change up ....
  2. Benz by a long shot for me
  3. Mr too. I hate the boxster
  4. XK-R. I know it's not nearly at the Benz level quality and technology-wise, but it's better looking and more interesting.
  5. Definately the SL550.

    But screw that and get a Maserati Gran Turismo.
  6. I'd be over the moon with either car, no joke.
  7. Same ... but I think I prefer the sporty nimble aspect of the Porsche ..

    other cars that have been heavily looked at are the Carrera 4s (vert) ... And Aston Vantage roadster..

    part of the criteria is that it be possible to drive it on a nice winter day (which is why the Aston keeps getting let go...not to mention the price leap too )
  8. got to be topless ...
  9. XKR then, simply.
  10. Nothing is going to change his mind and that's a good thing. Being a car guy is mainly about having the car you want, and that's purely subjective. Which car we think is better is totally irrelevant.
  11. SL, although the Boxster is fun to drive.
  12. This is hard. The Boxster is way more fun to drive but kinda meh, The SL is ballin but not as fun to drive.
  13. Not true ... a wife will make you change what you want ... (hense the reason this has to be a vert )
  14. Who would pick the Boxster? One would think that a hairdressor or a housewife en route to tennis lessons.
  15. good point
  16. Well then that settles it.

    Miata for mom & a Cayman S for dad.

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  17. 996 turbo cab?
  18. too much car for my mom I think ... if the porsche dealership was a bit better around us we might be more inclined to keep ours and get new ones .. (had a 997 C4s on order )

    I am sad they f'ed it up for me being that it is my favorite car company.
  19. would kill to have a Cayman at my disposal ... and I would make them get a gxp solstice (not to start a whole other comparison

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