Boy and Bear (Aussie thread)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SL King, Nov 28, 2011.

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  2. i love bears
  3. i love boys
  4. I like when I hear the songs by them on the radio.
  5. sounds pretty NAMBLA to me
  6. Why is this an Aussie thread? I know this band.
  7. Cause they just won a chunk of awards here.
  8. why didnt they win the whole awards did they bring their own hacksaws (assuming the awards are metal)
  9. They are no real bears in Aussie land.
  11. Koala bear
    snake bear
    abbo beer
  12. The bears used claws and teeth dumbass
  13. Humphrey B Bear
  14. i also know this band

    been turning into a huge indie/folk/hipster #%$ as of late.
  15. What other indie/hipster bands have you listened to lately?
  16. fallout boy
  17. blind pilot
    bower birds
    clap your hands say yeah
    edward sharpe & magnetic zero's
    fleet foxes
    friendly fires
    great lake swimmers
    local natives
    sea wolf
    the rural alberta advantage
    tv on the radio
    volcano choir
    wild beasts

    amongst others
  18. oh I love the fallout boys
  19. I've seen six of those live. TVotR twice, haha. Haven't been to many shows in the past year or two at all, though, and a lot of those guys came through town and I didn't go.
  20. cuz they sold out?

    /dahldrin joke
  21. why do they call them the aphex twins when theres only one of them!
  22. panic! At the disco!
  23. my favourite band is the darth punks.

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