BP launches 'UK's highest-octane fuel'

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  1. BP is targeting the trackday market by launching the highest-octane fuel on sale in the United Kingdom.

    BP Ultimate 102 has a RON rating of 102, higher than Tesco's 99 RON super unleaded and Shell Optimax, which is 98 RON. The new fuel will only be available at half a dozen outlets across the country, although BP says it might expand its availability if demand proves sufficient.

    BP says that only 'tuned cars' will benefit from Ultimate 102's extra performance. It claims that in its tests with tuned vehicles, the fuel gave between 4 and 7.5 per cent more power than its regular 97 RON Ultimate Unleaded. Evo owners take note, though - on a turbocharged vehicle with increased boost pressure, Ultimate 102 increased grunt by 8.6 per cent overall, and by as much as a 16 per cent at certain points in the rev range.

    If you want to try Ultimate 102 for yourself, chances are you'll have to travel to get it. It's only available at the following sites - Tudor Filling Station in Maidstone, Chicheley Park Connect in Newport Pagnell, Wavendon Gate Connect in Milton Keynes, All Saints Self Serve in Portsmouth, Newbury Centre Filling Station in Newbury Park and Newham Way Service Station in Canning Town, London.

    And the price? Sources suggest that Ultimate 102 will set you back £2.42 per litre - which will bring a tear to the eye almost as quickly as the fumes, one suspects...
  2. That would be great if they did that here. Theres a lot of BP's in south FL.

    Sunoco sells 103 OCT in West Palm Beach. Only at 2 stations though.

    I imagine the price is over 5 a gallon...never checked the price cause Ive never needed it. I will when my 240SX is done though.
  3. 112 is under $4 a gallon here
  4. BP Ultimate today unveils its revolutionary high-octane fuel. Launching
    at selected sites* in the south east, BP Ultimate 102 Unleaded is the
    most advanced, high-performance petrol sold on any forecourt in the UK.

    Designed specifically for private motor sport enthusiasts, BP Ultimate
    102 Unleaded is a tuned engine's dream come true. Meeting the same high
    specifications of fuels used in the pinnacle of motor sport in Formula
    One racing and the World Rally Championships, the fuel has an octane
    number of 102 and has been formulated to allow highly tuned engines to
    perform at their best. What's more BP Ultimate 102 unleaded also fully
    complies with BS:EN228 (the UK specification for unleaded petrol) which
    means that it can be legally used on the road.

    BP Ultimate 102 Unleaded is s o exclusive that it's 'hand made' in small
    batches at BP's Speciality Fuels Technology Centre in the UK , using the
    same expertise employed for Formula 1 fuels manufacturing. Paul
    Beckwith, VP, Fuels Product Management for BP comments:

    ' BP is widely acknowledged for its fuels technology expertise across a
    range of transport fuels and has an excellent reputation in Formula 1
    circles, having been involved in the development, manufacture and supply
    of fuels to the F1 community over the last twenty years. Fuels of this
    type have not been readily available to the public previously, but now
    we have introduced BP Ultimate 102 unleaded specifically for private
    motorsport enthusiasts based on our product technology in this field.
    This fuel has a range of features to allow increased performance from
    the most highly tuned engines, alongside all of the benefits that
    drivers expect from BP Ultimate fuels. We are delighted to make this
    remarkable fuel easily accessible from our forecourts.'

    TESTING BP Ultimate 102 Unleaded has been developed for vehicles tuned
    for increased performance. In the range of vehicles we tested, where the
    ignition was remapped, Ultimate 102 gave typical power benefits of
    between 4.0 and 7.5 per cent above normal Ultimate Unleaded 97. On a
    very high performance, turbo charged vehicle, with boost pressure
    increased, the power benefits seen included an increase in maximum power
    of 37 bhp (8.6%), and as much as 60 bhp (16%) at some points in the
    engine speed range.

    HIGH OCTANE BP Ultimate 102 Unleaded has the highest octane rating
    available on any forecourt in the UK . It is the only service station
    fuel which truly reflects the properties of fuels used at the cutting
    edge of motorsport, making it the most highly specified unleaded fuel
    available at forecourt.

    CRYSTAL CLEAR PURITY BP Ultimate 102 is a precise recipe using a
    completely different manufacturing process compared to conventional
    refining. This processing results in a fuel with exceptional quality
    without the main impurities found in ordinary fuel. This is demonstrated
    by the crystal clear appearance, compared to the yellowish colour of
    typical petrol - the only forecourt fuel in the UK to boast this

    LESS HARMFUL TO THE ENVIRONMENT In addition to its unique performance
    qualities, BP Ultimate 102 is also less harmful to the environment than
    ordinary fuels: 1. Its unique purity and superior evaporation properties
    improve the combustion process in the engine, which means that less of
    the fuel is emitted as partially burnt pollutants, such as carbon
    monoxide and unburnt hydrocarbons. 2. Its sulphur free formula will
    improve the operation of the catalytic converter, reducing exhaust
    emissions. 3. With less that 0.1% benzene, BP Ultimate 102 unleaded is
    safer to handle and less harmful to the environment and is the only
    automotive petrol not classed as carcinogenic. 4. The fuel contains a
    high performance oxygen containing bio-component, which means that
    overall greenhouse gas emissions - associated with global warming - are
    reduced, helping to protect the environment.
  5. Everyone should notice that it is a research octane number, and not what is displayed on pumps here in the US. Here we display the average of the research octane numbaer and the motor octane number. Some people get confused by this and I didnt see any mention of it when I skinned the thread.
  6. haha and VP gas has been offering this for how long?
  7. this is 16.27 USD per gallon.
  8. I get 110 for like 5 I think. But 100 is 6 a gallon wchich is gay.
  9. shuttup! 100 octane in So Cal is $6.20 now!
  10. And this happens after I have the TT. #$%#ing government. That being said BP says prices will soon be $1/75 a liter for your standard crappy octane.
  11. they hiked it like crazy here
    it was under $2.50 a gallon not that long ago

    edit: I realize that pumps only 110, I never got a pic of the 112 pump before the hike
  12. 102 RON = ~97 PON

    The highest I can get here is 94 (PON), and only at Sunoco, most places premium is 93 and at some cheap stations and Getty it is 92.
  13. £2.42 pe litre, haha

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