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  1. I'm interested to know; has any new data or reports come out showing any emerging trends in BP sales figures since the disaster began? I'd like to think that people really are boycotting BP and teaching them a lesson by hitting them where it really hurts - in sales.
  2. I fill up at BP because my car requires 98 octane and the only other companies that do that here are caltex.

    And caltex isn't on the way to work!
  3. Yeah stick it to those individually owned gas stations. To hell if they want to feed their family.
  4. Are people really boycotting BP over this?
  5. As opposed to the millions who want to put food on their tables but can't because their fishing/tourism industries are #$%#ed?
  6. And how is making hard working people who run BP stations struggle for custom/money going to fix this?
  7. Oil is a commodity. Whether anyone at all buys from BP gas stations, BP will always have a place to offload their supplies. What you get from BP isn't necessarily even pumped or refined by BP.
  8. Why wouldn't they?

    If people are serious about sending a message - not only to BP but all the oil companies - that this kind of shit is NOT acceptable, then the way to do it is to teach them a lesson where it really hurts: in the market. If we dont use our power as consumers then the oil companies are going to remain the same as they always were before: not giving a #$%# about the environmental consequences of their actions. Because if they dont get punished, what motivation do they have to spend the necessary multi-millions on developing better systems of accident prevention and containment?

    I know you don't care much at all for the environment, or the millions of people whose livelihoods who have been irreparably damaged by BP's actions - but then again my experience here has shown me that you have very little heart. I would, however, appeal to those that do have a heart to think about their choices as a consumer, and think about how your actions influence the state of the market and of the world.
  9. Ok, so seeing as you can't possibly be sure that the petrol you put into your car hasn't come from a BP well/refinery, I trust you won't be using anything made using oil for the next 4 weeks just to be sure it hasn't come from BP.

    Please report back tomorrow when you realise you've bought/used something that's lined BP's pockets.
  10. Unfortunately in this crisis - no stakeholder is going to come out unscathed. Such is the level to which BP has #$%#ed up.

    I totally understand that if BP sales decline, people who work for them get hurt. But surely you realise that the greatest profits from each and every gas station goes to the BP stockholders?

    As I mentioned earlier, if we want to reduce the chances of this happening in the future, consumers need to send a message to the oil companies that they need to do a better job of being prepared for these accidents. BP's response to this crisis has been totally inadequate.

    Its incredibly alarming that, in a capitalist society, the vast majority of consumers are completely unaware of their power as consumers. If that is the case, then our society is bound to be directed for the benefit of the elite few - and not for the benefit of humanity as a whole.
  11. Has it even been confirmed that BP is responsible for the leak (in terms of negligence)?
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  13. I took a piss at a BP station yesterday, I really had to go.
  14. I hope you pissed all over the floor so those big wigs at the top really know they've #$%#ed up!
  15. I pissed at the women's bathroom because the men's was getting painted

    ...with the seat down
  16. Painted with the seat down? Savages.
  17. Might aswell be pissing on those corporate fat cat's faces!
  18. So just because there's a chance that no matter what, one may be contributing to BP's sales, we should just give up and let this shit slide?

    Get #$%#ed. If thats your attitude then you're a pathetic example of earths organic heritage, your apathetic attitude sucks ass.

    You know full well that when you buy from a BP station, you're contributing a much greater amount to their organisation than you otherwise would.

    And for your information, I rely very little on motor travel anyway. The vast majority of my travel is done on public transport, so I am energy conscious in my own life.
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  20. And anyway, I return to my original question: HAVE there been any emerging trends on BP sales figures? This is all I'm really interested in at the moment.
  21. I also love the smell of my own farts.

    Mmm delcious!
  22. ya it was a black guy painting it.

    Probably ordered by some high white wig/skinned BP executive.
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  24. BP's share price has halved. If you're a BP executive, with significant stock, you've been hit very hard. BP is worth $100,000,000,000 less than it was in April.
  25. lol if u truly belive this

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