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  1. On a daily basis?
  2. I agree that we need to lobby the government, its an essential part of this process. But experience shows that governments have pretty limited power in what they can do to control major transnational corporations. At the end of the day, the consumer has far greater power than a government ever can have.

    EDIT: If its not in the gulf of mexico (controlled by the US govt) then they'll just keep on drilling without precaution in other oil rich places like off the coast of venezuela or east timor and #$%# up the environment there. Government powers do not transcend national boundaries, consumers' powers do.

    And by the way, it's not like i'll be feeling good about myself every time i choose not to go to BP, getting some petty kick of pride out of it. #$%# that. I'm doing this because I'm concerned about our society, the environment, and the people whose livelihoods have been continually destroyed by disasters such as this over the years.
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  4. What do you mean? All the workers live on the platform, x-week on x-week off; there aren't enough helicopters or landing pads to ferry them every day. And it stays pretty consistent for the life of the rig. Helicopter ferries are pretty consistent, only carrying a dozen guys a trip - about a trip a day on average.
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  7. Obviously you have no #$%#ing clue how it works. An individual owns the store, NOT BP. They pay for the rights to use the name. So, all you're going to do is screw some poor shmuck out of money to live. Good #$%#ing job. BP doesn't give two shits about you not buying from his store. He's already paid for the rights to use their name. Besides the oil they don't sell to him, they load off onto other oil companies.
  8. its a brand name for the same exact gasoline that goes into other stores, just with BP additives.
  9. oh snap, you showed me!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ever think that although BP is the parent company that the fault might be from a contracted partner?

    You cannot point blame, its for the courts to decide. I lay blame on the last Pressure Tester.

    By law (in Canada anyway) all BOP's are tested after a casing job.

    ...but I guess you are the expert huh
  11. Also another thing to consider is the big oil companies probably trade with each other and use the same pipelines. You cannot guarantee anything.

    My guess is the Refineries are sometimes contracted for BP, Shell, etc. too. We have several here in Alberta, and I don't usually see a familiar name on them. Its usually someone working under a parent company or two.

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    Contractors have to take the fall for their subcontracting. This is a huge problem in the short-flight airline industry:

  13. Can't they switch to another brand?

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