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  1. It's funny actually I was close to removing your admin rights from that page a couple of days ago!
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  2. It's a shame that it comes down to this. I add some good times with most of you guys, and most follow me on Facebook.
    Who would have guess that this site would close down, for good. :(:(:(
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  3. Yet another empire you've outlived.
  4. Especially the Roman and Ottoman empires. :p:p
  5. i wouldnt have noticed, haha
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  6. So is the discord borked?
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  7. posting again just because you never know when you won't be able to

    whoever is last out, make sure you turn the lights off and lock the door
  8. Just posting this, just to make Bishop Ghost's post not the last, for now. :p:p
  9. Penultimate last
  10. Here's an update from the owner.
    Screenshot_20200513-085155.png Screenshot_20200513-085155.png
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  11. Meh, i actually prefer the discord now lol
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  12. Looks like won't die after all.
    I suspect some fake news from Veyronman.

  13. Checkmate atheists.
  14. it was all a ruse
    a ruse to keep us together
  15. You need to crystal ball your ass onto discord
  16. The bastard. Let’s go yell at him on discord
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  17. I CAN'T LOSE YOU GUYS :eek::eek::oops:
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  18. THIS
  19. get on discord asap
  20. Well played V-man, well played.
    This was all a trick to lure us old members back here.

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