Branko's Marksam Blonde Ale

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  1. Branko's Markham Blonde Ale

    I was so encouraged by TimmyMcOwnsYou's IPA, despite the mis-labelling incident, that I wanted to try another of his beers tonight. This was his Belgian Blonde Ale. When he told me way back that he was brewing a belgian style beer, I laughed and told him he had lofty goals. The end result, according to him was "Belgian beers are tricky, some of them went bad. The bottle you have will either be ok, or will be poured in the sink...."

    Well anyway, it certainly was drinkable. I must have gotten a lucky bottle. The yeast sediment in the bottle was considerable, I think it's pretty visable in the pic. Some people might be put off by that, but I always like the yeast in an en lees beer. The headfoam started out encouraging, building to a proper belgian fortress, but it thinned out rather quickly. The beer itself was... not bad, but for a belgian beer, I think it missed the mark a little bit. The carbonation wasn't as smooth as it should have been, also evidenced in the short life of the headfoam. The flavour of the beer was of a pungent maltiness. I wouldn't call it sour, but it's definitely not a sweet beer. And there's a hint of a musty aroma in the nose, hard to describe. Alcohol flavour was not noticable, which is always a plus. Overall, like I said, it wasn't bad. Were I to label the beer, I'd call it a Belgian Lager. Has a crispness to it, and none of the warm mellow roundness one expects from a proper belgian abbey beer. Seems almost like what you could expect if you took Stella Artois, added more yeast to the mash, and didn't filter it. I'd drink it again for sure. Despite my nitpicking, the beer is overall better than a macrobrew. As for the goal of Belgian style status, not quite. But it was a valiant effort.
  2. Branko's Markham Blonde Ale

    Awesome. Great effort!

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