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Discussion in '2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06' started by CarZOne, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. You can make a coupe look simular to the Z06, by adding Z06 ducts, it's possible, it looks nice.
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    They look like the ones on the RX7, come to think of it, this whole car looks like an RX7!!!!
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    Hey yeah your right. and I can't argue that the Rx-7 looks like the Corvette instead of the other way around because the Rx-7 had the style first. 1993 is when Rx-7's started to look like this. It was after 1995 that the Corvette adapted the similar to Rx-7 style.
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    In my opinion this corvettes styling is to reserved. I agree it looks way too much like a corvette C4 took styling cues from a
    Mazda RX-7 and Acura NSX.. Chevy needs to be more aggressive in their styling of the corvette and stop catering to what I like to call The Republican taste. I mean really looking it every Chevy on the market with an exception of maby two or three, most look like clumsy square boxes. it's true the corvette at one time was a truly appealing automobile in my opinion but now they really need to grow up and start offering styling that's a bit more aggressive like the Viper. "Make a statement"! stop being Known as only a white mans car. they got the Monte Carlo & Cammaro for that.
    Dodge prove that you don't have to hav Republican style to be acknowledged as a symbol of America.
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    what the f**k? are you saying that the car companies are politically biased? you are insane. and the monte carlo and camaro arent white mans' cars, all i see driving them are women and blacks.

    And since when is Dodge the symbol of America!? The viper is twice the price of a corvette, how can u call chevy republican?

    Corvette, a square box? dude, honestly, you dreamed half of what you said.
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    "....all i see driving them are women and blacks."

    Dude you're really prejudiced aren't you?
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    Quote - "You can make a coupe look simular to the Z06, by adding Z06 ducts, it's possible, it looks nice."

    I've seen a Coupe with the vents of a Z06. It looked nice, but I'd rather have a Z06 instead. Mostly because it has more power....<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    I'de rather have the coupe body with the power of the Z06...the coupe just naturally looks sleeker than the hardtop.
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    That is some serious crap. Maybe the car looks kind of similar to others but I say that this Vette is one of the best looking of recent times. Also those break ducts are not really all about cosmetic looks. For the most part I have to say that this car looks much better than a lot of new sports cars coming out. Also the body stile of the Z06, I think looks better than the coupe after being inside the car, riding in it, and then looking at it. There is no question though that all you people are saying is that Chevy somewhat coppied off the RX7 which I really think is a whole bunch of bulsh*t.
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    What the ****?!
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    What planet are you from?
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    i hope we can all learn from posts like this, if you drink while pregent, your kids will be dumbasses, just like him.
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    But the Rx-7 is better then the Zo6
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    Dude, you can't even spell 'pregnant' right. If I were you, I wouldn't be calling people dumbasses if you don't even know how to spell a simple word. Dumbass.
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    Maybe because I go to french school? Did that ever come to mind? I dont think so there so before you go calling people names, Think of a reason first
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    Oh sure, the Z06 is faster, more reliable, easier and cheaper to fix and maintain, but the RX-7 is undoubtably better...
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    i dont understand how you can say a corvette ripped off the rx7, sure they look slightly similar, but i think thats more of coincidence, considering to me it looks juss like a more sleak version of the c4, so its juss an update from c4, not a rx7 rip off.... also, rx7s are #$%#in hellanice, but better then a z06, i think someone has a head up their ass. the other guy said it (bout faster, and cheaper to maintain and everything) also, dont bring up the moddability, theres juss as much shit for vettes.
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    yet another reason why not to drink while pregnate
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    Are you trying to say that the Rx-7 cant stand with the Zo6
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    yes idiot an rx7 cant stand with it look at the performance,look at the power, look at the torque.corvette kicks it ass in every catagory. The corvette is more expensive but u brought this up. ssmoe people are just retarded
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    Being short about 100 hp might hurt it just a little bit.
  22. Re: Isn't clutchless shifting bad for your car?

    how does this work w/o chewing up the gears?
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    on the track?
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    Ive seen a lot of Corvettes and RX7s in my day (and im 13 and hav been in love w/ Vettes my whole life). The front on them look quite alike.... BUT THE RX7 HAS NO DAMN BRAKE DUCTS!!!!!!!!!!! #$%# r*ce burners!!

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