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Discussion in '2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06' started by CarZOne, Feb 24, 2003.

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    Ive seen a lot of Corvettes and RX7s in my day (and im 13 and hav been in love w/ Vettes my whole life). The front on them look quite alike.... BUT THE RX7 HAS NO DAMN BRAKE DUCTS!!!!!!!!!!! and the Z06 could SMOKE the ass off a RX7, #$%# r*ce burners!!
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    IMO you're both idiots
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    but on the first post of this thread it says that u can make a coupe look a lot like a Z06 if u put the break ducts on. That is true to the untrained eye. Look at the back of a reg. coupe and a Z06. The coupe's rear window comes down a lil like the '63-'67s trianglular window. The Z06 comes pretty much straight. And the front grill screens on the coupe are black, the Z06, silver. jus a lil info 4 u guyz who dont kno, and a reminder fir the ones who did.
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    Yes, the Z06 is based on a hard top version of the Vette, not a coupe. The hard top version weighs less.
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    have you noticed that Vipers also look like RX-7's? I think that Chevy and Dodge stole styling cues from the RX-7, becasue it was designed back in 1988!!
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    What the hell? Styleing is totaly your own opinion, this could be the best looking car in the world to some people and the worse looking car in the world to some people.
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    The z06 doesnt look anything like the rx-7. its a good thing it doesnt look like that jap runner

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