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  1. Not a Brit and don't care all that much, but it's an interesting situation.
    Except that it seems pretty obvious that they'll stay in the EU.

    Anyone got a shortlist of pros and cons?
  2. Wake me up when someone has a pro to remain haha, other than france will blackmail us about immigrants from calais
  3. Germany should exit!!
  4. The UK should just be a United States colony.
  5. As if the voting makes any difference. The result is remain. Eu will make sure of that.
  6. woot do you think they should exit?
    i mean it makes sense, how else are you gonna keep nonwhites out?
  7. I vote remain. Buuuuuuut, the way everything is going should definitely change. Eu is more like 4th reich right now instead of a democracy. It's an abomination, but it's safer for them to stay in i think.
  8. Why does Gibraltar (generally pro-EU) get to vote while Guernsey (generally anti-EU) doesn't? Or did I just answer my own question here?
  9. Putin#1 is laughing right now.
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  10. So what the ****
    How significant is this
  11. Gosh.

    I don't know enough to have a really educated opinion on the subject, but I hate the fact that UKIP scored a victory.
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  12. Apparently the polls are saying buh bye EU.
  13. Today is a big day for xenophobia.
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  14. It's a good time to go shopping in the UK.
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  15. Fucking brilliant. Today is a great day for democracy and I hope the other nations in Europe get a referendum too.
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    Plenty of Brit colleagues (expats) seriously worried. Also, ignited fire on Scottish nationalists/separatists and Northern Ireland. Shit might get seriously dangerous. On a positive note however a lot of good jobs in the City of London may move to Paris, Amsterdam, Luxembourg. Still too early to tell, though. Cameron rightfully resigned, it's time for the leave leadership (?) to take ownership and responsibility of their campaign promises and the UK.
  17. Democracy has spoken!!
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  18. Like New York or Texas stepping out of USA, as UK was the 2nd or 3rd biggest economy in the EU.
  19. If czech republic ever leaves they should use #czechout
  20. The ONLY thing that bothers me with all of this is that will crash the stock market for a while AND I WAS SUPPOSES TO SELL STOCKS NEXT WEEK

    for fucks sake UK
  21. brexit.jpg

    heheh, in the spirit of direct democracy and autonomy
  22. As a fat, happy, USA #1'ican, how will this affect my day to day life?
  23. You are the finance/accountant guy, YOU tell us!

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