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  1. It's fun to watch Americans criticize another country for wanting independence from rule by people outside of their country.
  2. I had something like 10-15 bitcoin about 4+ years ago. My hard drive was all messing up so I got a new one. I didn't care about the bitcoin at the time as it was just a novelty purchase. Now I'm sad :(

    So, now the UK has to trade all their monies in again to get pounds? I read a headline that Scotland and Ireland want to bail from the UK now. How real is that?
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  4. In the end, the UK will sign free trade deals with Europe and then they will be able to do the same with other countries as they wish. There will probably be a no-visa-required agreement so citizens will continue to roam freely. As far as I can tell, they were already responsible for their own monetary policy so that won't change much. Honestly, I'm not quite sure what they got out of the EU to begin with. Stability? they still have that. Trade? ditto.
  5. But what about slags?
  6. You disappoint me. Your trolling standards have gone to shit.
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    On a more serious note, I dislike nationalism in almost all its forms, which makes me a minority in an island nation. I can only guesstimate that the UK's geographical characteristics have a similar effect on the population, accentuated by many wars with it's neighbors(and within itself) over the last few centuries. Nationalism is mostly rational, but it leads to so many irrational, nonsensical results within democracies.

    What bothers me most about this result is how younger people, who voted overwhelmingly against leaving, have to live with a future they do not want, thanks to old people who are not going to have to live with the consequences.
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  8. Boxit

    But that'd be weird, they're part of us for only a few months now
    Europeans, was this news on any of your news channels? Because, well, here it wasn't.
  9. I quite like Jimmy Kimmel for some reason. Some of his show at least. Mean tweets, father's day/Halloween pranks, Guillermo sometimes.
  10. so what do the UK export, other than shitty cars, bad tourists and questionable humor?
  11. Sluts, slags, c*nts, chavs, bruvs & cheeky nandos.
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  12. We can get a bit more creative

  13. I love how literally every counter-post to my positions is "heh youre trolling"

    I'm 100% serious about everything said in this thread
  14. ya dumbass, 18-25 year olds sure know how the world works better than 40-60 year olds
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  15. aDG3L8w_700b.jpg

    Remain voters right now
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  16. Yeah, they're even having a petition now to have a re-referendum.. I mean wtf, you had the opportunity to vote, no?
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  17. That doesn't change what I was claiming before though. Multinationals @ the UK are there to trade/invest in the EU and if the EU dictates now that trade relations with the UK are e,g, heavily taxed etc, multinationals will still may have to relocate over to the EU (mainland europe). Bank CEOs have already said they will have to move a lot of jobs out of the UK. Dublin is another attractive location as they already have a lot of presence there and use the euro.

    It's funny though how all these leave compaigners just dismiss that as "scaremongering" or say something generalistic/arbitrary such as "we'll make our own deals". Chances are they are just lying or at least over-promissing.
  18. Lots of asian companies want to move from london to amsterdam. Yes please.
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  19. Fraurevoir
  20. lmao none of this will happen
  21. Huehuehue

    15 BTC is about 10k USD atm.
  22. "Cheeky nandos" makes me laugh every time.
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  23. FFS and I was thinking about buying like a couple of months ago :( Same for silver.

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