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  1. Good Job Britain!
    Now keep that motivation and downsize your local bureaucratic nightmare, otherwise it will be just trading a EU elitist that sets policy with a more local Elitist that sets policy.

    #Libertarian #freethepublic #stopprotectingmonopolies #openuptruefreetrade

  2. According to the most recent polls, a larger percentage of scots support independence from the UK than the percentage of UK citizens who favoured the brexit was.

    I would really like to see the person who comes up with valid reasons for being against a referendum regarding Scottish independence but being for a referendum regarding brexit.
  3. Well it's either that or your mother had an excessive taste for certain free base alkaloids while carrying you in her womb. You choose.
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  4. Had I had money to invest I'd be so rich right now.

    Where does one acquire a small loan of a million dollars?
  5. "i would be so rich"

    every scrub ever

    you dont know jack shit
  6. Those are the ones who googled what is the EU.
  7. Heheheh, I can setup an investment fund here in Luxembourg and appoint you and me as the portfolio managers lol. Process is fairly straight forward. We put whatever savings we have and maybe from family members and friends.

    Then: 1. we campaign for Brexit if there is a 2nd referendum
    2. We short the GBP and buy Gold, SIlver, BTC
    3. We convince the gullible that their vote is a vote for freedom and britain #1!!!
    4. ???
    5. Profit!
  8. Either you're trolling us or you're trolling yourself. Eitherway the troll is inside you mate :cool:
  9. he paid the troll toll and the troll got into that boyssoul
  10. your madness about the briexit is great
  11. Speaking of, apparently there's been a racist incident against a Polish cultural centre in London by your Brexit friends
  12. im sure brexit is responsible for that
  13. Wasnt there one about a year or two ago?
  14. I think so
  15. Bad time to buy BTC. Wait till the Chinese sell it off and it drops to $300ish.
  16. About economics, I totally don't.
  17. "Not everyone who voted for brexit is racist but all the racists voted for brexit"
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  18. If anything, the UK has more experience with brown people/immigrants than many other countries in Europe, from India, Bangla Desh and Pakistan in particular and this well pre-dates the EU era. It'd be crazy to think that if there's any form of racism, that the EU is to blame for that or that a brexit would fix the situation for them.

    But when it comes to the refugee topic, many countries had a majority that wanted to adopt the Australian method (return to sender on a safer boat), but EU/Merkel/Schultz/Tusk said no. And a fine if there would be no complying with their rules they literally just invented. Why would anyone want to be part of such club? Then to add insult to injury, (alot of) money goes to Turkey who doesn't give a single shit about any rule the EU comes up with, related to this topic. If any fines should be given, it should be to those that breached the Schengen agreement... But that's just me and I'm a racist/xenophobe.
  19. Bunch of Brexcists in here.
  20. Funny thing that I'm not even against brexit.

    It might even be a good thing for the EU as a whole, a reminder that there's a real world outside their bureucratic ivory tower.

    Who knows yet? Too many possible outcomes, too many variables. I refuse to even begin to speculate what happens next.

    I just can't imagine a British racist who'd vote for staying in the EU.
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  21. Scotland really wanted to stay in the EU (to the extent the group that pushes for independence from the UK is gaining popularity after Brexit) and there are plenty of race crime stats from there. So if you're looking for racist remainers, probably best to look there ;)
  22. Yea I don't want any Glasgow kisses

    I'll look elsewhere
  23. Creative?

    Merkelbotched Vorpocken
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