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  1. Late to the party, but been following the developments, schadenfreude-flavored popcorn in hand.

    So what's the outlook now, and how likely? Namely, we know Scotland already has growing interest for a new independence referendum, with the possibility that it could go be with EU rather than UK; ditto N. Ireland, as I've been reading that some groups are entertaining either/both a split from UK/continued relationship w/ EU, and/or union with Ireland itself (shocking if that's what it ultimately took to bring it to fruition).

    From my ignorant outsider perspective, one def seems more likely than the other (Scotland independence vs. N. Ireland), and then it's not clear to me logistically how they'd 'remain' in the EU or whether they'd have to reapply for entry - probably a timing thing? Or perhaps there's already a procedure outlined by EU? Seems like they'd be way better off that way though... and would be a rather inauspicious historic decline for England itself, I mean damn...
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  2. Government generally sucks.
  3. Government. Walper hates these.
  4. Well he's just as credible as this:

  5. Doctors and Astrophysicists HATE her!

    Local mom discovers weird new way to harness string theory to harvest free universe energy, also cure belly fat wrinkles
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  6. Local Nigerian discovers a weird new way to harness stupid people to harvest free money, also cure AIDS
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  7. So basically what the UK is saying here is that the general public is not qualified to choose a name for Boaty McBoatface but it is qualified to make political decisions of this magnitude.

    Or am I mistaken somehow?
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  8. TBH, they should have gone with it and name it Boaty McBoatface hahah, it's pretty hillarious
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    Well yeah. Now it's kind of embarrassing.

    Their new carriers should be named HMS U W0t m8 and HMS Cheeky Nandos. Way more intimidating than some shriveled up queen with saggy tits and dementia.

    When it says on the news that "HMS U W0t m8 is being deployed to the Red Sea", it sends a message to the enemy that they'll get REKT and get their bloody heads kicked in proper asbo style.

    Queen Elizabeth just sounds like tea time and not badass in any way like Queen Elizabeth I actually was.
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  10. Oh oh oh imagine the possibilities for the support ship names if the carriers were actually named that.
  11. is vman actually gone
    is he going door to door telling muzzies to sod off
  12. Everything will be fine
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  13. Very correct, because the only damn country in Europe who makes referendum and respects them is Switzerland. When the decision of banning minarets in Switzerland was submitted to a referendum back in 2009, their vote was a yes , their decision was respected.The EU makes each member country submitted to a feudalistic and vassalage regime where all the decisions are by the stupid ass hole technocrats of brussels and each member country has no more its sovereignty nor its independant power.
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  14. The UK won't remain really united because in the past as I have told some people here who believed in the supposed friendship of the English with the Scots, the Irish and the Welsh that one day would break. The Scots, the Irish, the Welsh never really liked the English that much (old rivalry despite the centuries which was never really erased) and on the other side the German and the Austrians never liked the English that much as well (probably due to both world wars).
  15. Typical rant from a clueless socially assisted living on welfare douchebag Obama voter
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    You perhaps prefer a country invaded by illegals which are given benefits which they don't deserve and where parasites ride the welfare train. Ever been to Switzerland? They are nationalistic, yes maybe. But you will never see someone disrespecting their country, nor won't you see illegals or welfare cases living in. Why? Because the people who want to emigrate to Switzerland must have a very significant salary and clean record to live in. And the swiss government and ministration don't let every person to immigrate in their country.
    I personnally have seen absolutely nothing positive with that fucking Europe of 27 and more with the socialist pos ***** french president that we have and that litterally knees and sucks every brussels technocrat's cock . For me what means this Europe, let's list the drawbacks:
    -more beggars, more criminals circulating freely with no more boarders
    -more underground economy and illegal activities
    -more delocalizations for the sake of reducing labor costs
    -less independance in terms of government making rational and sane decisions because all is decided by Brussels fucktard technocrats who have shit for brains
    -no more feeling of being safe like when frontiers were fully closed and staunch
    -withdrawal and disappearance of many important industries
    Back in 2005, there was a referendum in France for being for or against the European Constitution, I voted against and 60% were against it, yet it was passed by Sarkozy with the horrible and shitty results that we know
    Oh yeah, just because I hate socialists of any kind, scum and the fucktards technocrats of Brussels who are the reason why I pay more taxes each year, you will label me as a racist? If you do , then you are weak at having a political discussion with arguments and should never be discussing politics.
  17. Are you somehow not happy to bear this label?
  18. I am a realist not a racist that is the big difference, but the thin skinned and politicially correct pussied out liberals and socialists call out everyone who dare to throw them the truth in their face and who don't fit to their political agenda as a racist, you should know that.
  19. Oh yes. Certain groups are way too keen to call someone racist if one disagrees with their agenda. We also have people who make nazi salutes in parliament and publicly advocate extermination of all non-whites who claim they aren't racists but "immigration critics". Ugh.

    Are you not a white supremacist? And don't you have several race-based categories of subhumans? Based on years and years of reading your posts it sure seems so.
  20. Are you such a fucking moron and that fucking stupid? For sure hell yes. Haven't you seen what happened in France , in Belgium and lastly inTurkey to know who is responsible of terrorism?? Ah yes the great joys of multiculturalism described by the fucktards technocrats of Brussels.... I am not a white supremacist and before jumping into false and absolutely wrong conclusions and posting nonsense as you usually do, know the person who are you talking to since a long time otherwise shut the **** up already.
    I don't believe in political correctness, neither do I believe in socialism and the joys of multiculturalism proned by the fucktard technocrats of Brussels. I always judge people by their behavior and the respect they have of the constitution, the customs and habits in a welcoming country where they migrated in. It is just that simple. People who just migrate in order to ride the welfare train and get free social housing without integrating themsleves and working are hated by others and that is normal because none likes parasites.
    I am a Gaullist before all (not sure if you know who Charles De Gaulle was). De Gaulle once said: " I do not like the Communists because they are Communists, I do not like the Socialists because they are not socialists, and I do not like my relatives because they love money too much.But what did you expect with this pack of nothing for good worthless fucks? Leftists rarely have large projects. They use demagoguery and movements of opinions. The left takes the top of the company down by ideal of egalitarianism. That's how we ended up in the abyss in 1940 ...The Socialists are eternal utopians, out of touch with reality, mentally stateless ...They are still wasting most credits.We never saw them effectively spend the credits ...I do not like the Socialists, because they are not socialists ...Because they are unable, They are dangerous ..."
  21. A chicken?
  22. And you totes are a white supremacist. Maybe a closeted one but it still counts.

    White power!
  23. [​IMG]
  24. Who is making these shitty cartoons?

    lets be honest this was a vote for whether Britian is in or out of the EU when it collapses

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