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  1. Can anyone tell me about this car make? Someone I know had one but sold it for $5000. It was Brownish or Bronze type of color.
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    Never heard of this car make before.
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    If you have questions or are just interested check out: "Bricklin Internationals" web page. They have nice gallery and classified section as well.
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    I have Bricklin #2645. I paid $13000 with 55000 miles on it. Everything works, interior is great, exterior is great, original radio, unmolested engine, trans, basicly the car is all original. NADA retail on the car is around $14000 if i recall.

    It ran a [email protected] 85 MPH at the race track a few weeks back so 0-60 should be about 8.3. keep in mind my car is all stock and original.

    The stats this web site has for the 1975 models are for the 1974 Bricklin. Out of the 780 bricklins produced in 1974, only 113 had the 4 speed manual trans. The others had a Chrysler 727 automatic. Also, the performance numbers listed here for the 1974 I would say are slow, Ive seen other original magazine articals for the 1974 4 speed manual Bricklins of 15.3 in the 1/4 mile.

    My 1975 Bricklin has a 351W and FMX 3 speed automatic trans rated at 175 HP. With 8.1:1 comp ratio. No manual trans was offered in 1975.

    Please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] I have pictures and more information.
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