Bridgestone Potenza RE050 Scuderia

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    joke...get it?
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    that statement wasnt a joke you buttlicker, he asked WHY
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    it was what kito said

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    Bridgestone Potenza RE050 Scuderia

    Will you two stop ruining this thread please....
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    thanx 4 answering 4 me
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    no prob
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    Bridgestone, never, ever, has made good tyres. They Might have gone the way of Pirelli[ who actually developed DECENT tyres] if Goodyear had not pulled out at the end of 1998[ It is a lie when people tell you they lost to Bridgestone, they Announced that they were going to pull out when the rule changes were made public, and that was in late 1997, when they were destoying Bridgestone] Mclaren was the best car, so hence, Bridgestone won In 1998. Had goodyear stayed in until 1999, they would have won the championship in 1998 and 99[Mclaren's contract ended in 1999, whereares the other teams had contracts that expired in 1997 or 1998] They goodyear running cars smashed the Bridgestone[ except mclaren] and every other Non-Mclaren win was on Goodyear Eagle Tyres. Benetton and Prost were suffering peticulary, but Benetton was well funded, so they did ok[Despite having a bigger budget than jordan, whom they finished behind] Bridgestone then had a monopoly until 2002, when michelin stepped up. Bridgestone was soundly beaten in both 2002 and 2003, with the exception of Ferrari, but that had more to do with the Excellnt car they produced, Riding on crappy tyres. Michelin, Pirelli, and Goodyear are the best Tyre manufactuers, Michelin is perhaps the best. The only reason the enzo rides on Bridgestones, because the F1 does, not nessacairly because they are the best tyre.
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    Yes that makes a good point about them. I think there are much better tires than the bridgestones out there, but they are still very good tires

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    You have no idea what you are talking about, how do you know who makes the "best" tires anyway. Bridgestone has won the F1 championship for YEARS in a ROW. And they also have championships in other forms of motorsports like sports car racing. The Bridgestones on the Enzo Ferrari were developed FOR the Enzo Ferrari. In terms of performance tires Michelin sure as hell ain't the best. Hell I had a set of Pilots, they sucked.
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    At one of the F1 races, im not sure which one it was, but all of the teams beside ferrari were running michelins and ferrari was running the brisgestones, and they were saying how on that day the bridgestone's hindered the car, they were saying the michelins on the mercedes/mclaren and the BMW and such perfromed better.
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    Bridgestone has done jack all in sports car racing. All the LMP's run on... wait for it... Michelin! Bridgestone tyres are hindering the Ferrari, and their road tyres aren't exactly the best ethier. For the rather expensive price of bridgestones, you could get a comparable[or, in most cases, better] set of tyres from Pirelli or Michelin. Going cheaper, Yokohama, Toyo, and Goodyear make very good choices as well.

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    And that varies race to race, you watch TODAYS race? They said the Bridgestones were better.

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    How can you call a BUNCH of F1 championships jack? If you ask me your simply biased. And Goodyears suck, My car came with F1 GS tires, they SUCKED. I checked Tire Rack and they rate the Potenza as number 1 and number 2 in EVERY performance category....
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    How d oyou know there all good...they might not be good at some things...but they are good.
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    As far as performance tyres go, Goodyear has recieved praise from everybody from Sport Compact car to Evo[Goodyear won an Evo competition] You are gigantic idiot, Bridgestone's are not a good tyre for the money. I swear Michelin or Pirelli would make a much better choice, and ALL of goodyear's tyres are cheaper than the Bridgestone's, and most magazines have said this, too. And you said SPORTS CARS, NOT F1, idiot. Bridgestones are overpriced, and underperforming. [also, I doubt you even drive]

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    Listen you big homo, I can tell from what you write that you don't know crap about tires. You go by Sport Compact Car? A r-i-c-e-r magazine hahahahahahahahaahaha you idiot.

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