Britain does not have Talent

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  1. Just a sea of orange faces. Rochdale is in the shadow of the Pennines, that shade of burnt tangerine only lives in a squeezy bottle.

    What can England be proud of in the world of today.
  2. At least she's not red like most British tourists you see around here.
  3. britain have the highest percentage ugly women on earth. fact.
  4. Some countries are worse I think.

    Bolivia, Afghanistan?
  6. sik
  7. shit.
  8. I'd do all of them
  9. You need to make more threads.

  10. All the good teeth in Britian, in one place.
  11. while netherlands has really a lot of nice girls, also because i really like blonds. fact.
  12. My brother just moved from London to Oslo. Talk about night & day...
  13. I love getting pats on the back from you. I live a 5 minute trip down the A666 from Ms Preston. They say the first bite is with the eye, now for the taste test. BRB
  14. xTHE EDGEx = xDRAN0x
  15. Ireland is worse.
  16. Irish women are just plain.
  17. Go to Sweden.
  18. i know i should, but its too cold, i hate cold <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  19. The south of Sweden really isn't much colder than the rest of Northern Europe. We hardly get any snow in the winter here. And in the summer the sun's up past 10 o'clock in Stockholm.
  20. The north is worse than the south by far. Thats where most of the ugly things come from.
  21. pretty much like here, though i want to move in a warmer place, south of spain maybe.

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