British student pens McLaren F1 successor

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    Since hiring Frank Stephenson as its styling chief last year, the nascent McLaren Automotive hasn't been lacking for design talent. But the general consensus over his first design at Woking seems to be that the MP4-12C is missing a touch of originality to set it apart from other supercars. Enter one Matt Williams, a recent graduate of the transportation design program at England's Coventry University who thinks he can do a better job with the study you see here.

    Positioned above the MP4-12C in McLaren's product porfolio, the LM5 concept is envisioned as a successor to the venerable McLaren F1. That means three seats across, with a central driving position. That means power provided by BMW's M division; a retuned version of company's soon-to-be-retired 5.0-liter V10 in this case. And of course, that means epic performance. Unfortunately, it's just a concept car, extant only in the clay and CAD. So for now, we'll just have to sit and wait to see what Stephenson and his colleagues at McLaren cook up next, admiring the images in the gallery below in the meantime.
  2. yeah, right.
  3. All these design students these days must be watching too much anime or something.
  4. It looks like the MArussia B1
  5. What's that car in your avatar? Looks very familiar. I must have forgotten it's name.
  6. It's the 512 S.
  7. Thanks.
  8. looks great
  9. WOW this thing looks so amazing that i hade to post some thing after more than 3 Year
  10. looks like a squashed turd. but all that is purely academic anyway because if they do make it the final product won't look like this
  11. i like it better then the other concept ive seen, the other lacks a certain je n'sais quoi
  12. Stop doing drugs...
  13. The back is fine, the front is a bit too much.
  14. it lacks what?
  17. I really hate how they write these articles, like its actually a real car or something. Its basically just some college students version of the clearslider. make up some numbers, some auto maker association, slap them on a random design students 3D model, make it sound like they actually are making it, etc.

  18. I think it looks absolutely terrible!
  19. he doesnt appear to know
  20. The front is too busy.
    The rear end looks like its straight off a random 80s supercar speculation boom concept car, and the whole design goes completely against the McLaren philosophy. The F1 was predominantly designed with aerodynamic considerations, not style. Function over form, when done well is beautiful.
  21. A pretty good design overall... The front is original but in the 3rd image it resembles the Ferrari P4/5

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