Brittany Murphy Dead at 32

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  1. pretty sad to finish at 32. still the only movie she was in that i ever liked was sin city.

  3. lol somehow have never watched the movie.

    i did watch plenty of the tv series.
  4. cant say this bothers me
  5. FUC wrong thread
  6. lol
    i saw that
  7. This is getting way too much press.
    Being generous, she's B list...although she could be included on the C-list.

    Of course, everyone is looking at Wikipedia to see what movies she's been in, but everything somehow related to her has been edited to overstate her role in the movies.

    Really, she was in grave danger of being typecast as "the girl that the main character fUcks" or "ditzy posse member #3." But, I guess it's a slow news week in terms of celebrity deaths, so the meedja will overstate her achievements so they have something to talk about for more than five minutes, once the "Insignificant celebrity carks it"
  8. Do it to celebrate her death. Or life? Yeah celebrate her LIFE.
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  10. she's with Buckley now...
  12. I have no idea who she is. Still sad, though.
  13. shes a harlot
  14. She was half-assed cute. CALM DOWN AUSSIBOY!
  15. this guy named lucifer died. sent to hell even. really sad if you ask me.
  16. +1
  17. Why are you so bitter?
  18. It's a Hollywood drug-related death, all of America has to know and discuss this for months - that is how we roll.
  19. I am really dissappointed that no one has said "add me to this list" yet.
  20. Number of times Tiger Woods has been on the front page of New York Post - 20
    Number of times 9/11 terrorist attacks has been on the front page of NYP- 19

    The idiots of America sure love their celebrities.
  21. god damnit <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A> I had a crush on her

  22. Brittany murphy isn't a fictional character, she just plays one on TV
  23. Ya me too. That expression she did with her face was insta-boner for me
  24. Aren't you Canadian though?
  25. yeah but in some occasions I fake being an Obama voter.

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