Brock Lesnar has been exposed!

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  1. Not an MMA Fighter, but Alexander Karelin was 286lb and was conditioned at least as well as lighter UFC fighters.
  2. i can beat you up in a gang fight
  3. That was before people realized the power of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. If you're messing with a real BJJ player, people know better than to leave limbs out, or to enter their guard.

    See: Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites
  4. I'm very meh on old UFC. The guys were complete amateurs with no ring experience, so it was relatively easy for somebody like Gracie to beat big guys back then. Nowadays, he'd lose to 90% of the heavy weights simply because today's fighters are better trained/more well rounded.
  5. Have you seen what Ben Askren, Cole Konrad, and Daniel Cormier have been up to?

    And yes, I have watched UFC since its inception. The sport has come a long way since then. Nowadays, it's a far fetched notion for a fighter who doesn't cut weight to win a fight against one that does.
  6. A prime Royce Gracie gets stomped by 90% of today's middleweights, let alone heavyweights.
  8. arguing over tighty-whitey-fighty, lol
  9. Ok, I finally saw the fight and I retract my statement. I've noticed Brock has NO chin at all (perhaps a result of all the WWF ((#$%# WWE, WWF is where it's at)) shenanigans). Yeah he can throw a punch, but that's about it. I think if he had a rematch with Carwin, or even Randy, he'd lose. Looking back, it seems like the previous fights he won because they were intimidated by his size, which Cain obviously was not. Hell, even Carwin wasn't but he didn't use his head because he was so used to 1st round knock outs. I'm sure it would be different second time around.
  10. STFU, Brock proved he had a hell of a chin in the Carwin fight.
  11. Honestly, I think that was more proof of Carwin needing to hit the treadmill than Lesnars chin. Had Carwin not been so used to 1st round knock outs, he may have not been so naive as to gas himself out in the 1st 3 minutes.
  12. No, he can't throw a punch. He moves his arm and because he weights as much as a freight train it still does massive damage. His technique is laughable.
  13. He's pretty quick in relation to his massive size. Look at the Heath Herring fight. He was able to run all the way to Heath even before he stopped tumbling around like a silly SC.NET hipster after that huge hit.
  14. Absolutely. For a guy his size he's very athletic, however his technique and cardio are deplorable for a 'professional' fighter. Both of which are size related issues as well. You'll never see a heavyweight listed as the best pound for pound.

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